Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th July 2015 Written Episode

Manik asks MUkti what she has been up to. Mukti in surprise asks what because she was with Aaliya the whole time so MAnik asks her if she is sure and sees Aaliya and asks her if she is weak and Mukti replies that she is not well but the worst part is that she would not share so Manik asks her to tell him what is the problem. Aaliya sys that she has to go to sleep and they both also agree and Manik says to Mukti that he has to talk with her in private.
Manik says that he knows why she was so comfortable to go to Harshad’s house when Aaliya faintd and then shows her the souvenir and asks her that does she know where he found it and after that tells her that he found it at a construction site and does she know who was there besides him oit nly Harshad. MUkti in surprise says that she does not know how it got there she says that maybe Harshad picked it because she was here all afternoon. Manik says she was here when he told her not to Mukti sys tht she does not trust Harshad not with Aaliya’s health and she only brought the doctor and if all his confusions are cleared she will stay here for the night. Manik says that it is okay nd if she has anything then she will call him and Mukti also agrees and leaves. Manik thinks that why is everyone lying first it was Aaliya then dhruv and now Mukti.
Manik then thinks where Cabir has disappeared and no call or massage for a whole day .
Nandhani is following Manik and asks him to just tell Naviya but he yells at her that there is nothing to discuss and he will end it today.
Manik and Nandhani are standing in the principal office and and he say to the principal that Nandhni will not perform with Aryaman at first the Principal tries to exert his authority but Manik shuts his mouth and orders him to note that Nandhani will not perform with Aryaman. When they are about to leave the Manager comes and says that he was listening to their conversation and will see what he can do Nandhani thanks him and after conforming their team he says that either they all participate or no one does . Manik tries to convince him but he doesnot listen and leaves after saying that he has other things to do.
Naviya and aryaman are in the practice room and Naviya asks him where Nandhani is because she told her that she has something important to say to her. She says to Aryaman that they should start the practice then Aryamn says that she doesnot want to perform with him. Naviya gets confused and asks that what will happen to their performance Aryaman on this gets up and says that she sould askher about this and leves.
Dhruv is playing a guitar and thinking about what Aaliya said about him that he is the lowest point of her life and as he is plying Manik claps for Dhruv and says that why is he so worried but at first Dhruv keeps quiet but eventually tells him that he is tense Manik fiures that he is worried for Aaliya and tells him that she is okay and is recovering. Manik tells him that they should talk it through and things will work out and suddenly Mukti and Aaliya come nd ask about where Cabir is Maik says that he has a job to do and someone at the station got ill so has to stand up for him. Mukti says that they cannot work like this because they only have one day Dhruv also agrees with her and says that they need some commitment.
Aaiya says that she will do it if Cabir is not here but Manik says that she has to rest but Aliya pressurizes him and so Manik agrees and tells Dhruv tht he should take the lead and they begin.
Nandhani comes into the room and sees Naviya who is crying and she shouts at Nandhani because she disqualified him without asking and she even brought him in to their team and even though she was mad but she accepted it because of Nandhni and when she is about to leaveNndhani stops her and then Naviya says that she was with her all the times but she is not with her after she got Manik and suddenly she feels pain in her stomach and when Nandhani asks what it was she says that her baby kicked her for the first time and ater this she leaves.
Mukti sees harshad and drops an icecream on him and says that he owed her an apology and she found that this was the best wayto settle it. Harshad asks what she ment then she says that she picked up a call of him and Aryaman and he gets mad and wouldnot talk to her and then he cools down after she tells him that she wants to be friends and Harshad says that they should party .
Aryaman goes into the office and meets Nyonika and they both talk and Nyonika tells him that he should team up with Nandhani in the treasure hunt to destroy Manik and says that she will take care of the rules.

Precap: Nandhani rushes to Aryaman and says that he will participate with her and Naviya because it was her dream and she will make sure that it is fulfilled and Aryaman also thinks about it.

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