Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bindu comes in his room and finds Dharma’s face piece missing.
noor comes to Siamak and ask what are you doing? he says nothing, she says you are packing your stuff and says nothing, where are you going? Siamak recalls how Ashok asked him to not tell anyone about finding Dharma, Siamak says i was afraid all these days so i think i should go on adventurous trip, Noor says you promised Justin that you will protect me and now you are hiding things from me? Siamak says i am going with Ashok to find Dharma, she is stunned and says you are not going anywhere and also not Ashok, she leaves angrily.
AShok comes to Eravat’s fight club, he finds soldiers practicing sword fighting there, he prays and goes in club, he ask about Eravat, soldier says there is no one of this name here, go back, Ashok says i have one question and Eravat have to answer me, till then i will not return from here, Soldier ask what question? Ashok says i will ask Eravat only, soldier says you are mad, he ask soldiers to throw him out, Ashok says i will not leave till Eravat doesnt answer me, i will be proud if i die here, soldier surround him to beat him, Ashok also gets ready with his sword, Eravat comes there, his one eye is damaged, he ask Ashok what you want? Ashok puts his sword down, Ashok greets him and says no doubt you are Eravat, you were with Khurasan 14 years back, i am Ashok and i need help, i want to ask about Khurasan, Eravat says i have left army and i dont want to talk about Khurasan, leave from here, Ashok says i have come with mission so how can i leave, Eravat says over confidence is not good, Eravat shows his most powerful soldier to Ashok and says you wont be able to bear his one punch, Ashok says not one but i will bear his three punches and if i keep standing on my feet after that you will have to answer my questions, Eravat says you will die, AShok says then your problem will be soldier, do you accept my challenge? Eravat accept and ask his soldier to come in ring.

Scene 2
khurasan orders his soldiers to find Dharma and bring her to him, Noor comes to him and says Ashok is going to find Dharma, if he gets to know what we want to do with Dharma then it will be problem for us, Khurasan says i will ask soldiers to follow him, Noor says one priest said that Bindu’s 3 sons will be safe but Siamak is not his son then.. Khurasan says if this is true then Bindu’s 3rd son is from Dharma, she was pregnant at time i went to kill her, if she is alive then her son would be alive too, Noor says she would have come here to make her son heir.
Ashok and Eravat’s soldier comes in fight ring, soldier punches Ashok, he falls down, soldier smirks, Ashok gets up and laughs, he says so he is your most powerful warrior? oh i see he is just warrior by looks and afterall he is here for entertainment, soldier punches him again, Ashok falls but gets up again and smiles, this time soldier punches him so hard that Ashok’s lip gets broken and blood comes out, Ashok falls on floor, he recalls how he promised to bring back Dharma for Bindu, Ashok opens his eyes, and gets up, soldier is stunned at his strength, Ashok is feeling dizzy, soldier takes sword and is about to attack Ashok but Eravat stops him with his sword and pushes him away, he says we have some rules, we respect warrior and this kid is real warrior, he takes Chandragupt’s sword and says to AShok that you are normal person, i am lucky that i got to talk to someone who is like Chandragupt, i am your friend from now on, you can take help from me, AShok says 14 years back, Bindu asked Khurasan to find a lady but when he went there, that hut was on fire, i want to know address of that place, Eravat says she used to live in Champanagri, Ashok says its coincidence that my mother used to live there too before my death and her house got fire too, i have to find truth.
Noor says to khurasan that Sushim will be handled by Helena but if there is one more son of bindu then it will be problem for us, Khurasan says dont worry, if Dharma’s son is alive then i will kill him, Noor says Ashok will find Dharma before us, Khurasan says dont worry, i will handle him, dharma listens this hiding behind pillar and is shocked.

PRECAP- Dharma comes to Chanakya and pleads to save Ashok, she says Khurasan have sent his soldiers to kill Ashok, Chanakya ask her to get ready to leave from here, Dharma says i will not leave without Ashok, Chanakya says try and understand, this place is not safe for you.

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