Tere Sheher Mein 30th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sneha asking Gajanand can he hear the bitter truth. She says its not Rishi’s mistake, its his daughter’s mistake. She says she loved Dev, they loved each other a lot, and to complete their love, they got married in the temple and did not tell anyone. He is shocked. She says we decided to tell our families, when Dev wanted to tell his family, his family refused and did not accept us, we wanted to tell you too. He asks why did she not say. She says she was scared as she did big mistake, she did not have courage to face him, so they decided to run from Banaras.

She says she reached Banaras station, but Dev did not come, that day or any day, she waited for 30 days, he did not come, then she could not wait. He asks why did she run with Rishi. She says I did not have option. He says he would have taken you. She says no, it was my mistake, I could not wait for Dev, as I had Dev’s child in my womb, beat me, Rishi is an angel, he held my hand and gave my child his name, he did not complaint about anything, his mistake was that he took blame of my mistake. He is shocked.

She says I know you will never forgive me, but don’t blame him, he did not do anything. He thinks he has cursed and hated Rishi all his life, who saved his family’s respect. She says Rachita is Dev’s daughter, Rishi kept family together, no one knows this secret till now, just Rishi and I knew this, and today you know this secret, don’t say this to mum, promise me. She says her and Rishi’s family will break, which he made by so much love, she can’t see her daughters separated, they love each other, she can’t lose Rachita. He hugs her. They cry.

Gajanand drops Sneha home and walks to his home. He looks at her. She goes to her haveli and shuts the door. Gajanand thinks of Dev’s and Sneha’s words. He gets up and goes out. Sneha is standing at the window. Gajanand says he did a big mistake. Pushpa comes to him and asks him why is he here at this time. She asks him to tell what happened. He says its time for him to repent.

Its morning, Mantu is repairing computers. Tere mere darmiyaan hai………… bin tere bin tere………………plays…………….. Amaya eats food and imagines him. Mantu and Amaya miss each other. He says she would be in office, its lunch time now, did she not miss me once. He says she should have messaged me, its fine, I don’t care now Amaya. Manish asks the employees to finish work soon and rush to home, as there is some protests going on.

Chiklu comes to Mantu and says about public transport strike, protests can happen too. Mantu gets worried for Amaya. He asks him to study and have food, he has some work and will come. Jaz comes home and tells Sneha about strike. Rachita calls Amaya. Sneha takes the phone and asks Amaya where is she, Rachita and Jaz came home, why did she not come. Amaya says I m leaving from office. Sneha says she is tensed.

Sneha asks Rudra to bring Amaya from office. Rudra says I will get her. Sneha asks him to be careful. Amaya tries taking auto and they refuse as its strike. She sees the protests and the auto driver asks her to leave soon, as it can get worse. She says where are you Mantu.. Mantu is on the way. Mantu’s kerchief falls and she goes to pick it. Mantu comes there. She smiles seeing him. Naina tose lage lage………….plays………… They have an eyelock.

Mantu says he got to know about strike, so he has come. He picks the kerchief. Rudra comes there and asks Amaya to come, weather and situation are getting bad, Sneha is waiting at home, come. She looks at Mantu and goes with Rudra. Mantu holds the kerchief. Rudra and Amaya stop midway by the rains. He asks her to wait, he will just come. Few guys come there and tease Amaya. Rudra comes and asks are they teasing the girl. The guy says we are just teasing, its your jalwa that she is with you. Mantu comes there and beats the men. Amaya asks Rudra to stop them.

Rudra stops Mantu and gets beaten by Mantu. Rudra says he has gone mad, he has beaten me. Amaya asks him to stop. Mantu rages and asks what did they say. She says stop it, are you mad, whats the need to do this. Mantu says if you are asking me why I m doing this, you can never understand, I can never explain then, I m going. She says I have to know. He says why if you don’t care, why, Amaya I ……

Sneha asks Amaya to change her dress, else she will get ill. Rudra is about to say and Amaya signs him to stop.

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