Manmarziyan 30th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandini saying she is waiting for tomorrow, and asks him to come. Samrat calls Radhika and can’t connect. She thinks why is her phone fall. Rana comes in the secret room and does not get Radhika. Nandini is with Arjun. Rana calls Nandini, and tells her that Radhika has run away. She asks what are you saying, she will try to reach here, I don’t want her here, understood….. Radhika comes there and sees the security. She hides seeing Nandini. Nandini shows Radhika’s pics to the guards and says this girl should not be seen, if you see her, you know what to do. She goes.

Sam gets ready as the bride, and wears the jewelry. Neil comes there and sees her. He starts acting saying he is feeling so hot. She smiles. He gives her a flying kiss and holds her hand, asking her to come. He stops her, and asks does she like pineapple juice taste even now, does she feel Arjun is right for her, is there any doubt. She smiles and nods. He takes her.

Radhika has the diary with her, and thinks to meet Samrat and show him the diary, just he can stop the marriage. Nandini gets a call and smiles, and asks him not to let that girl go away. Radhika gets inside the venue and thinks everyone can identify her. She takes a saree. Arjun sees Sam and recalls Radhika’s words.

Sam sees Arjun gone, and Nandini gets shocked too. She looks around and says maybe Arjun forgot something, I m sure he will come, Piyali you make Sam sit. Radhika goes inside the room and changes her dress. She wears the saree. Saral comes there. Arjun is restless thinking of Radhika’s words. He removes the pagdi and keeps it aside. Radhika asks Saral to leave her. Saral says this time I won’t ask your permission, and will do whats in my heart. He pushes her and says she always ran away from him. She says leave me Saral, are you mad, go from here, I came to talk to Samrat. He asks what happened to her, first she trapped him, then Arjun and now Samrat. She slaps him hard and starts leaving. He slaps her and says he has bear lots of insult from her, she has to pay for it. She says leave me Saral.

Arjun hears her voice and breaks into the room. He beats Saral and covers Radhika with the saree. Arjun and Saral have a fight. Arjun keeps his foot at Saral’s neck and hurts him. Radhika looks on and asks Arjun its enough. Arjun leaves Saral and asks him not to show his unlucky face again. Saral leaves. Arjun looks at Radhika. She cries. Piyali asks Nandini about Arjun. Samrat says I will go and see. Dilip, Mala and Ankush come there and greet them.

Arjun asks Radhika why did she come here, go from here, she has no one here. She says you are there Sir. Dastaan ek nayi………..plays………….She says she regarded him a Lord, and a good human being, who wants to ruin a girl’s life, I was wrong to regard you Lord, to trust you, to think you are a good person, I m not wrong now. He gets puzzled. She shows him the diary and confronts him.

She says your and Nandini’s truth is locked in these pages. She says your sister writes well, maybe this is why she trapped Samrat sir. He gets angry. Radhika says you both want to punish Sam because of Samrat, whats your plan, what you want to do after marriage with Sam, no use to hide, I came to know everything, what you are and your sister. You can’t stop me today, you and your sister can’t reach Sam in my presence, your and Nandini’s story will end here today.

He asks does she think will anyone believe her. She says no one, but they will believe Nandini, now this diary will bring the truth, Samrat will know how Nandini has filled revenge poison in an 8 year old kid. She starts leaving. Arjun holds her hand and stops her. He says he has habit to throw the stones off his way. He tries to get the diary and she resists. He gets the diary from her, and burns it.

She says Sir…. He stops her. She gets shocked seeing the diary burning. He throws it and looks at her. He leaves from there. She tries to save the diary and her saree catches fire. He turns to see this and runs to her. He tries blowing off the fire from the saree end/pallu, and holds her, asking is she mad, does she want to die? Samrat and everyone come there and are shocked seeing them. Samrat shouts Arjun, whats happening. Sam gets teary eyed.

Sam runs saying Radhika has snatched everything from me today and gets a gun from the drawer. Radhika asks her to stop and a gun shot is heard.

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