Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing Bihaan. Bihaan says he has kidnapped her. She asks him to stop the car and let her go. She cries and he drives somewhere far. Shubh comes home and tells everyone that someone has kidnapped Thapki. They all get shocked. Krishnakant asks who. He says a man wore black clothes and took Thapki. Thapki’s phone rings. Dhruv calls her and is worried. Vasundara is angry at home. Thapki asks Bihaan to stop, as Dhruv’s call is coming. Bihaan stops the car and takes her phone. He cuts the call and Dhruv calls again. Bihaan switches off the phone and asks her to sit quietly, else he will be angry.

Dhruv thinks why is her phone off. Krishnakant calls him and tells him about Thapki’s kidnapping. Dhruv is shocked and tells family. Suman writes message and shows Vasundara. She asks who kidnapped her, call Bau ji. Ashwin says his number is not reachable. They ask him to call Bihaan. Vasundara asks Dhruv to find out and inform them. Dhruv says he will go to Thapki’s home and leaves with Ashwin. Dhruv goes to Thapki’s home and talks to them. He pacifies them and Shubh says he has seen the man kidnapping Thapki, will she come back. Dhruv says he will get her. Krishnakant says we did not get Thapki. Poonam cries. Dhruv and everyone leave to find Thapki.

Thapki requests Bihaan to let her go, her parents will worry. He says let them worry, Dhruv and Sanjay are on the way and get some info. They rush there and try to find Thapki. Thapki sees him and shouts Dhruv Sir. Dhruv calls out Thapki. Bihaan shuts her mouth. Dhruv finally sees the van and asks Sanjay to come fast. He rushes there and does not find her.

Sanjay says maybe kidnapper took her away seeing you, we will find her. Dhruv says where did she go, if anything happens to her, what will I do. He sees a palanquin going. He thinks how to find her. Bihaan hides Thapki in the palanquin and takes her. Thapki throws the palanqui’s decoration balls there on the road. Bihaan sees this and covers her eyes. Dhruv feels she is close to her. Bihaan brings Thapki in darkness and locks her in a big cage. She cries and asks him to leave her.

She asks why is he doing this with her, what did she do. He says nothing happened, in some time there will be a big scene here, She shouts for help. Dhruv is on the way and runs on the road looking for her. He finds her anklet on the road and is shocked. He thinks she is close and gets more clues, by the color wool balls. He thinks it means she was here and follows the balls. He says it means she is at my home and calls out. She calls his name. He says relax, I have come, I will free you. She says please free me and cries. He opens her hands and unties the cloth from her eyes. She asks where I am. He says its my house, who is the kidnapping. Bihaan comes there and says he has kidnapped her and shows his face. He dresses in Salman’s style of Dabanng. They get shocked seeing him. Dhruv says Bihaan? Bihaan says no, Chulbul Pandey.

Bihaan says he is happy and wants to celebrate. Dhruv asks this way, by kidnapping her. Bihaan says yes, to give you a surprise, and shows them Bollywood night…

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