Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chandu thinking Sagarika’s intentions will be known soon. Sandhya thinks she has to get down the bus, but she should have some solid reason. She sees a man staring at the woman’s jewelry and thinks he is thief, she got him on right time. She buys ticket and shows money to the thief. The man sees many notes. She thinks he has seen the money, it will be first time a thief will help police. The man steals the money and she asks people to help her. She gets down the bus and runs after him. She thinks he is running too slow and wishes he runs fast, so that she can get away. Chandu also follows them. The thief hides. Sandhya thinks its good he is gone.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that she was not sleeping. Bhabho says I know, and says she does not know whats happening around her. Meenakshi says she has all news and info, and gives her updates of who joined Hanuman Gali and births of kids. Bhabho thinks just Meenakshi can find that girl. Meenakshi tells about Lalima’s dad’s death. She tells about Lalima, who was going to become Parvati in Shiv’s play. Bhabho thinks ladies called that girl by this name, it means she was close to me. She asks where is her house.

Meenakshi says I don’t know, shop is closed these days too, I will find it. She says Lalima comes in market every Monday, and she spoke to her there, shall I get her. Bhabho says no need and thinks to go herself tomorrow to meet Lalima for her son. Sandhya starts crying. She looks around. Chandu looks at her. She says where should I go now, I don’t have money and acts. She thinks someone will keep an eye on me. Chandu thinks she is really worried, I should call someone to take her. She sees a car coming. Its Garjana commander and his wife Sajni. Sandhya hugs Sajni and cries. Chandu signs him. Sajni asks why is she crying. Sagarika says the thief… Sajni says its good he got me on drive here, else don’t know what would happen, what are you doing here.

Sandhya says she was going city, a thief has stolen her money and she followed him. Sajni says I know you were running from Manjari. Sandhya says now Manjari will kill me. Sajni says don’t worry, I will talk to her, come with us. Sandhya goes with them back to village.

Bhabho comes to market and looks for Lalima. A man asks her to buy vegs. Bhabho refuses. He says strange, she came here and not buying vegs. Bhabho sees a girl and goes to her thinking she is Lalima. She sees its someone else, and thinks she won’t come today. She wishes Lalima has to come today, as Lord has sent her for Sooraj. She smiles seeing Lalima there.

Bhabho tries stopping Lalima and misses to get her. She calls out Lalima and falls down being struck. She gets up and sees Lalima gone. She asks a lady and she says she does not know. Bhabho touches her wounded forehead. Sajni tells Manjari that she has taken Sagarika to city with her. Manjari asks her to take Sagarika and leave. Sandhya thinks of market nearby village, where they sell jaggery. She recalls Bharat’s words that their team member will be there in market and she can send any message to him by that man. She falls in Manjari’s feet and apologizes to her. Manjari asks is this any acting, and sends Sajni. Sajni asks Sagarika to take care. Sandhya says she will help Manjari, and takes jaggery bag. She says it is very heavy.

Manjari says she will get punished, she will go to sell jaggery in market tomorrow. Sandhya says its very heavy. Manjari insists and goes. Sandhya thinks she wanted this, she has to meet team and give them message that she did not find Chandu, and wants more info about him. Bhabho prays to Lord for Sooraj. She asks Lord not to test her more and send Lalima in Sooraj’s life. Lalima opens the sweet shop. Bhabho says she can color Sooraj’s life. She cries and says just Lalima can make Sooraj get happiness, and turns to see her at the shop. She gets stunned.

Sooraj helps Lalima in making the sweets, and gives his tips.

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