Reporters 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Ananya rejects Shreya’s promotion offer and walks out. Malvika senses opportunity and badmouths against Ananya that she is very arrogant and deserves suspension instead. Shreya says she does not feel Ananya is arrogant. Malvika say she came just now and does not know anything. Khalid calls Rich and ronnie to his cabin and asks them to convince Ananya to accept promotion and says he will speak to even Kabeer. He orders Malvika to stay away from this. Malvika walks out fuming.

Kabeer calls Ananya in his cabin and tries to explain his reason for stopping her promotion. Their argument starts. Sunny sees them fighting and says Ronnie was right, they will fight. He interferes and asks them to stop fighting. Ananya says Sunny she needs to discuss a concept with him and takes him from there.

Richa reads news confidently. Khalid likes her new format and says she has taken over Manav’s place easily. Kabeer says he knew she would. Khalid tries to speak him about Ananya’s promotion but hesitates seeing his angry face. Once Richa comes out of news room, everyone clap for her and Ananya claps last. Khalid praises her and she looking at Kabeer says she did not want to disappoint Shreya as she trusted her. Khalid looks at Kabeer’s face.

Ananya gets into Ronnie’s relay room and gives him chip. He asks why is this promotion. She says no.. Kabeer enters and she leaves. Ronnie asks Kabeer to keep silent when he drops Ananya home and let her vent out her anger. She will calm down as she loves him. Kabeer thanks him.

Ronnie gives Richa Ananya’s gift. She says she cannot accept it as Ananya did not give it personally. He asks her to stop fighting with Ananya.. She says Ananya is not accepting promotion because of Kabeer’s ego and just for 2 days happiness, she will suffer her whole life. He as a friend can just support Ananya in her self-destroyal, but she cannot.

After shift hours, Ananya asks Ronnie to drop her home. He says kabeer is waiting for her as he wants to talk to her. She asks if he is her friend or Kabeer’s and says she know how to go home alone and leaves. Ronnie signals Kabeer to follow her.

Malvika comes to Shreya’s cabin and asks what she has thought for Manav. She says she will once he comes back. She then praises Kabeer and says he is best editor-in-chief. Malvika says looks like she still loves Kabeer.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: One cannot run away from their problems, they more they run, they more they get into trouble, it is better to face problem and less them.

Precap: Kabeer asks Ananya if she thinks he is arrogant, egoistic and is stopping her success. She nods no..Malvika gets Kabeer and Ananya’s intimate pics and smiles thinking she was waiting for them.

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