Qubool Hai 31st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Greavyard
While sanam pays grief and homage to ahil’s grave, a peer baba comes and comforst her asking her to be strong. She says that she has no reason to be. she says that she is unfortunate that she didnt give the respect her husband deserevd, being the nawab of bhopal. She sys that ahil helped thousands of people when he was alive and in his death not even foure people came for mourning. He asks her not to be disheartened, as man comes and goes alone from this world, and what remains behind is just memories, of that person, which remains in the hearts of his true lovers, just like ahil. she requests the baba that she wants something and then adds that she had promised ahil that she would be with him always, and couldnt be with him while she is alive, but wants that when she dies, she is also buried beside him. He asks why is she making such a request at such a young age, when she has her whole life ahead. She says that she has no motive to live on, as all happiness was snatched away from her, and hence wants this promise. he complies, and then asks what she wants. she says that she wants revenge but wants to search shaad first. he asks how would she do it. She says that she has become indifferent to greif, and now her life has only one purpose, thats to kill her and her husband’s criminals, who shall definitely have to pay for their sins.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla and latif go crazy with excitement as they notice bundles of notes in the room, flying all around, unexpectedly. they thank the lord. They are suddenly shocked to see sanam standing in front of them, with a knife in her hand. they apologise profusely saying that they didnt do anything, as the new bride forced them by scare and also because of her black magic. they express regret at what happened to her. she asks them to speak something in the next 30 seconds that she likes, or else be prepared to be dead. they start praising galore. They say that they shall do anything she says. she says that she shall put their faith to test, and asks where is shaad. they say that they only know that she took him somewhere. They also tell her that the new bride is planning something big tomorrow. Sanam says that she is leaving, but if someone asks, they shouldnt tell that they saw her ever, and reminds that she wont stand betrayal. they feel scared by both the sanams.

Downstairs, murtaza eyes the new bride leeringly, who vents out her frustration at his bog mouth of self praises and actually working very weak, that he couldnt even finish one task he was assigned. he asks her not to explain him the work, and that he could kill her even for talking to him like that. He again says that they both are dead. she says that she saw sanam, but he refuses to believe, saying that sanam wouldnt have spared her then, and maybe she has gone mad in her husband’s death. she calls gazalla and latif, and ask if she saw sanam. remembering the actual sanam’s threat, they deny having seen sanam at all. the new bride hollers at them, and they say that they saw. Murtaza screams at them to be clear. they seem confused. he says that he wont listen to her nonsense now, as she isnt sure, and leaves. the new bride is angry at them, and they rush away.

Scene 3
Location: Shashi’s residence
While saif and nazia take a stroll in the gardenb, while she says that she has to show him something, he is least interested to be with her. She hows him his new bike as a birthday gift. he immediately gets excited. He hugs her and thanks her profusely for the gift. she is happy for him. he rushes to check the bike. She asks him to give a feedback about the same. he starts praising the bike, and its traits. she hears patiently, and is impressed. They decide to go on a test ride together.

Saif asks shashi how is she so sure that nazia shall wear this jacket to the convention tomorrow, and whether she shall believe her or not. shashi says that she has everything planned, and that patience shall pay, as now she listens to everything she says, do whatever she says, and go wherever she has to go.

While the guards heavily guard shashi’s residential area, sanam taking ahil’s name, gets in the enemy camp, and hides behind a pillar, and then eyes a burning candle, and sets some dry leaves afire at a distance and the smoke alarms the men on guard. they get involved in checking it out, while sanam takes this chance to sneak past them stealthily. she tries to find her way through the haze of the smoke, and then collides with one of the men, but he doesnt recognise her due to the smoke. She deftly opens the door and sneaks inside. sanam wanders through the mansion, trying to find a trace of shaad. she hears a lady’s voice, and heads towards there. Shashi says to saif, while stitching the bomb to nazia’s dress, that once nazia gets past the security check at townhall, they shall come back. shashi says that the convention shall start at 9:30, and thats when they shall trigger the bomb on nazia’s clothing. she says that the minute she pulls the trigger, the explosion shall happen after 30 seconds, proving her cause. Just then, sanam comes. Sanam hears them both, from behind the curtains, as shashi glaots that shashi shall become famous, after the townhall incident, that noone would dare to be near her. Sanam wonders whats this big incident that she is planning. she says that after such a big victory, there shall be a deservant celebration. her celebration shall start with shaad’s death. sanam is surprised to hear this.

Scene 4:
Location: In the shed
Shaad is untied and given food. He doesnt comply. They put a pistol at his head, when the leader leers that he is here to solidify relations between the warring countries, and hence needs special care. They make him lie down, and then forcefeed him water through the funnel, while shaad resists. the leader warns him to be resilient, as had he not got orders to keep him alive, he would have killed him long back, but he needs to be awake to see the city going to ruins tomorrow, when nazia goes as a human bomb and blows up the convention. Shaad throws them off with a jerk, and gives some blows, and enters into a scuffle. But one of them hits his head from behind, with an iron rod, and he falls on the ground unconscious. They tie him back up.

Inside, the men take pics of an unconscious shaad, while amusingly commenting that they shall post his pics on the internet after tomorrow’s blast. They leave. when shaad wakes up from his dizzy state, he finds a candle burning alight on the table at a distance. he gets an idea and tries to free himself somehow, and get close to the chair. Slowly, dragging his chair, inch by inch, he gets closer. Finally, shaad picks up the burning candle through his mouth, and then tries to burn his ropes. the screen freezes on shaad’ shashi and sanam’s faces.

Precap: Shaad burns his ropes somehow and makes an escape, wearing murtaza’s jacket. the men get on the search see shaad coming right in front of them, who claims that he is the lookalike, Murtaza. they are baffled. he walks past them with confidence. when the men go into check, they find shaad gone, and understand that it was the real shaad they met. meanwhile, sanam calls up shashi, who is dressed as the mayor, and tells her that the bomb laden jacket that she had given nazia to wear, isnt there at all. Shashi hurriedly and tensedly asks where is it. The alarm beep of the bomb starts ringing, and shashi is told that the bomb is in her house itself, as the sound is coming in her house only, and that its in shaad’s jacket. shashi is scared and with terror, eyes the jacket kept on the bed, casually.

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