Mere Angne Mein 1st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts Rani asking someone to open the door. Bua says she will apply kajal to the groom, and Sarla stops her. Bua says this is our ritual. Bua says she wants to shoo bad sight, and asks Shanti to show the groom, she will apply tika. Amit lifts sehra and Bua applies the tika,and Anupam misses to see him. Bua says they will dance now. Pari gets a surprise from Vyom. He showers flowers on her and says I love you Pari, I can’t live without you. She smiles and replies she loves him too. He says he has a surprise for her and takes her. Preeti and Radha dance on the song Challa walla………….. Kaushalya says she will dance only with Raghav and takes him for dance. Nimmi and Preeti make them dance and show dance steps. They dance on the song Saree ke fall sa………..

Shanti asks Bua to see how her family is dancing, they are superb, you accept your failure. Bua says I liked your family, is their your children or did you steal from hospital. They argue. Nimmi tells Preeti that something happened between them. Pari and Vyom are on the way. She thinks her life will change, and now she won’t let anyone sit in the car. He asks what is she thinking. Shanti sends Kaushalya to get water for Raghav and dances with him.

Rani knocks the door. She says I think Sarla did this, she has trapped me here, how to go out now. Bunty comes to Riya and tells about Bua and Shanti’s arguments. Riya says she is bored to sit in room, she wants to see the dance. Bunty says your mehendi will be dark by Shivam’s love, I m so happy for you. Riya says she wishes to see him, go and see him. Bunty says you can’t wait right, fine I will see him and come.

Vyom bring Pari to some hotel and she likes it. Sarla calls Pari and Pari disconnects it. Sarla calls again. Pari takes the call and Sarla asks her where is she. Pari says she is coming in some time, she has come to get her lahenga chain. Sarla asks her not to lie. Pari asks her to be careful that no one shows Shivam’s pic there. Sarla worries. Shanti asks Sarla why is she worried. Sarla says I m very happy, I m dancing. Sarla goes to dance and kicks a man. Shanti asks her to dance and teaches her steps.

Sarla goes to Amit and says she will tell Shanti to stop all this. He asks her to see Rani also. She is super tensed. Shivam is on the way. Bunty goes to Amit and he sees her through sehra. He gets worried. She asks why is he hiding face from her, she can show her the face. Sarla stops Bunty and sends her to dance. Sarla says Pari is not here when I need. Sahil and Bunty dance along Nimmi and Sonal on the song Gandi baat……….. Kaushalya gets glad seeing Nimmi’s dance and hugs her. Shanti and Bua argue again and challenge each other for dance.

Sarla comes to Riya and sees her mehendi. She says its really beautiful mehendi and thinks to hide it from everyone. Sonal comes and asks did she get groom’s name written. Riya says yes, find it. Sarla stops Sonal from seeing. Sonal takes pics and Sarla comes in between to stop her. She asks Sonal to go and not trouble Riya. She asks her to cover her face with ghunghat, as she can get bad sight. Riya says I don’t believe in all this. Sarla says even I don’t believe, but Shanti wants so, can you do this for me. Riya agrees. Sarla gets happy and covers her face with ghunghat. She goes.

Shivam calls Ashok and says he is on the way, he will come soon. Ashok asks him to come fast, everyone is waiting for his dance. Sarla asks Ashok whom is he talking. Ashok says he is on the way and she gets tensed. He gets puzzled seeing her upset. Sarla goes to Amit and says Shanti ‘s drama is creating trouble for them. Rani cries asking someone to open the door. Raghav passes by.

Shanti and Bua have a dance face off and Sarla tries stopping Shanti. She is worried that Pari is not here. Pari likes the hotel room with decorations and thanks Vyom. He says he has another surprise and asks her to close her eyes. He proposes to her with a ring. She says I did not know you love me so much, thanks. He says more than my life and kisses her hand, I really love you Pari and really missed you. She hugs him. She eyes the ring and smiles.

Sahil and Nimmi, Preeti challenge each other and cheer for Bua and Shanti. The dance on the song Banno tera swagger………….Raghav and everyone are surprised seeing Shanti dancing so well. They cheer for her and smile. Sahil and Radha cheer for Bua. The dance ends and the families hugs the oldies. They all have a laugh. Pari wears the ring. Sarla calls her and Pari does not take call. Sarla says don’t know where she is, I will not leave her. Vyom and Pari have a dance. Sarla is tensed and says if Shivam comes back, what will we do. Amit says we won’t let Shivam see Riya. Sarla is very tensed. Shivam comes to the venue and gets the water. Sarla gets shocked seeing Shivam. Shivam smiles seeing Shanti and everyone dancing.

Shivam comes there and gets shocked seeing Amit dancing with Riya.

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