Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts Bhalla family uniting with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Lord and informs Ishita about the union. Ishita says its superb news. Rinki comes there and sees Raman back in Bhalla house. She thinks whats happening. Mrs. Bhalla says she knew this would happen, so she made this plan to unite Mr. Bhalla and Raman. Rinki hears her. Mrs. Bhalla says she will send Romi to get Ishita here. Ishita asks her to send him soon. Rinki says how can gents be so stupid, and tells them about Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita planning with Kakkad, this was all a drama. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked. Rinki says Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita did this planning, though they showed they don’t talk.

Simmi asks what is she saying. They all get shocked. Rinki asks them to know how big drama they did, as she has heard them talkin. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla is this true, she called an outsider and did his insult, it means she has done his insult. He says you did not think how will I feel, you made this bad plan to make my son stand by me and stay with us, you made our house fight known to everyone. Ishita waits and comes there. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says listen to me. Mr. Bhalla scolds her for showing him his status. Mrs. Bhalla faints and children hold her.

Ishita comes there and is shocked. She runs to Mrs. Bhalla. Rinki says so she is here, everyone knows the drama now, just stop it. Ishita asks is she mad, Mrs. Bhalla fainted really. They take her to the room. Mr. Bhalla stops Raman and says we will manage, this happened because of you. Raman asks whats my mistake. Mr. Bhalla blames him for all this. He asks Raman to leave. Raman asks Ishita is she happy now, and asks Rinki to see her home. He leaves. Ishita asks Rinki why is she breaking this house, what is she getting. Rinki goes to room. Ishita cries.

Ishita talks to Raman and asks him to come and see Mrs. Bhalla. He asks her to do anything. She says they did this to end distance between him and dad. He asks her to think well before doing, the matter got worse. Mrs. Bhalla cries and tells Simmi that she wants her family to be together. Rinki asks why, Raman does not value family. Mr. Bhalla asks her to keep quiet, see situation and talk. She says I have my own flat now, I won’t be dependent on anyone now. He asks how did she get flat, when did she buy. She says someone gifted me, strangers are good than family these days and leaves.

Its morning, Ishita sees Raman angry and sings I m sorry. He goes to change. She sings to end his annoyance. He comes out and replies in songs, that his heart is hurt. She sings and he says he is not in mood to play antakshari with her now. He leaves. Shagun asks the maid about the room. The maid says house owner has his items there, there is nothing, why will we try to know about it, will you come before 8pm. Shagun says yes. The maid says she will serve dinner at 10pm. Shagun says put less oil in my food and leaves. The maid calls Vicky and says madam has gone, come fast.

A guy bumps into Shagun and she says sorry. He says sorry and she goes. He calls Vicky and says he has reached here. The guy says he is doctor Manoj. Vicky ad the maid talk to him. He says h is fertility specialist. The maid says she has 4 children. Vicky says the maid makes good food, she will stay here and work. Manoj says I don’t have any problem. The maid Shanti says you are good man, did Vicky everything. He says yes Vicky told me I will keep all my things at home, that room will be locked and my timings will be day time at home, as I work at night. He pays the money. Vicky says he has double booking for one flat, Madam and Sir won’t meet, its your responsibility now. Shanti asks Vicky not to worry.

Ishita comes to meet Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to do this again. Ishita apologizes and says we did not have intention to hurt you, and wanted you and Raman to get together, Rinki has accepted flat as gift from Ashok, Ashok said she is like his sister, Rinki is behaving childish, she does not know Ashok is using her, I m afraid, I want Raman to handle this matter. Mr. Bhalla asks why, you think I will let Ashok hurt my family, I can manage, I don’t need Raman. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to take care and leaves.

Raman is at office. Jhakad comes to invite him in business party, saying Bansal has sent him to invite Raman and his wife, and asks him to keep personal rivalry aside. Raman says he will come. Jhakad asks him to get Ishita too. Raman says thanks, fine. He says Ishita is busy in family union now.

Ishita makes Ruhi ready and asks her to eat food first. Ruhi says she has top make many rakhis this time and names her brothers and even Vandu’s daughter, as she can feel left out. She takes Ishita’s measurements for special rakhi, for the coming baby. She says this year she will tie rakhi to Ishita’s stomach and next year to baby’s wrist. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………….plays……………… Ishita smiles and hugs her.

Shagun taunts Ishita that she is infertile and argues with her. She says I m hearing a lot about Raman and Ishita’s strong relation, what is this relation where a husband has not even touches his wife. Ishita cries.

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