Sasuraal Simar Ka 1st August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Roli says please help me God, the cat comes in. Roli is scared. Mata ji says please God roli did this for mohini’s life. Roli looks out the cat is not there anymore. Roli sees keys. She says it must have lock up’s keys, that is the only way to save my life from the cat.

Rajhinder says prem is not picking the call. Simar says i am going to police station, tell prem. Sankalp says we will come with you. Simar says no you should stay home.
Prem is in his car, he is worried. Mata ji says what is happening with my family.
Prem stops the car.
Mohini and Sunanda are doing black magic on Prem.

Prem calls rajhinder and says i was drivin phone was siletn. Dont worry, is everything okay in the house, prem drops the phone and faints. Rajhinder says he is not sayin anythin. Sunanda comes in another car.She says its 12 and lauhs. She opens prem’s car’s door.

Roli opens the lock up. The cat is still there, roli hides. Simar comes in.
Mohini gives money to two men and says don’t say anything to anyone. They slide prem on a black cloth. Mohini starts doing her black magic.
Rajhinder calls sid and tells him about prem. Sid says amar is with me, we will find him out.

Roli says didi go, this cat is dangerous, simar says i wont leave you alone. Simar grabs roli and says sit in the car. The car is not starting. Cat comes in their direction. Simar starts the car and leaves.

Precap-Mohini is doing her magic, she dances. .

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