Tere Sheher Mein 1st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dev leaving hurriedly before Sneha sees him. Amaya says that’s his car leaving, maybe he had work. Dev smiles and thinks its fate that Rishi’s daughter Amaya works for him. Sneha tastes Pushpa’s handmade food and says it still tastes the same, she will take much love from her. Pushpa smiles and hugs her. They all sit together to dine. Gajanand asks Jaz to pray first and then eat. Sneha says yes, this is tradition of this house. They all pray and start having food. Pushpa says she waited for this day since years. Gajanand asks Jaz to eat, and not see mobile, learn from Niti.

Pushpa asks Rachita to have food. Rachita refuses to have more. Gajanand laughs and asks her to have food, else people will say she is not from good home when she married. Rachita says marriage… He says it will happen some day. Amaya says she is happy seeing her mum, and family united. He says you got mature, I think you got some good company in Banaras. She thinks yes, Mantu, but he won’t come office now.

Mantu cries at home. Rabba ………….plays……….. Uma comes to Amaya and Amaya asks what is she doing here. Uma says she has come to see, is she in shock that Mantu left office and gives her and Mantu’s marriage card. She asks to cry, as Mantu will come close to me forever, get ready to attend marriage, wear good clothes and come. Amaya says fate can’t be written on paper, writing two names does not make two hearts meet, I pity on you, I have seen love in Mantu’s eyes for me, I m sure this distance brought us more close, what will you do, Mantu’s heart has me and my love in it, if I did not swear, then Mantu would be mind today, but its fine, he will come and tell me that he loves me, what will you do. Uma says you are lying, I know his feelings, he will be mine forever. She leaves.

Pushpa tells Gajanand that he gave her a new life, she will love Sneha and her granddaughters a lot, Sneha raised them by her values and love. He says yes, but Sneha gave them freedom, they will learn many things staying here with their Nana. He says he got peace after 25 years. He says I will do duties towards them, and Dev won’t be able to do anything, he will get me infront of them.

Dev gets some pics and sees it. He sees Sneha, Rachita and Amaya’s pics. He plays chess, and says Rishi’s family is in his hands now. Uma comes to Mantu and asks why is he crying. He asks does she have work. She says no, how did he get hurt, it will be painful. He says I m hurt, my heart is aching. She asks what happened, she did not see him breaking like this before. He hugs her saying she understands him, he felt lonely. She says she is with him, and always be with him.

She thinks she will die if he does not tell her that he loves her. He cries and tells her about his madness. She says this is called love. He says love, he is in love for the first time, he understood love now, but whats the use, how to explain her, he is getting hurt. She hugs him and asks him to tell her his feelings. He says how to tell Amaya, that I love her a lot. Uma is shocked. He says he can’t live without his love and prays to Lord. She cries.

He says he can’t think anything else than Amaya’s love, he loves her a lot and will get mad without her. They both cry. He asks her to say anything. She says Badi Amma would be waiting and leaves. She comes to temple. She asks Lord why did he do this, whats the need of her to be alive then, her life got ruined, Mantu is snatched, she has no right to be alive now. She cries.

Mantu says he can’t stay without seeing Amaya. Uma burns fire and thinks to die. Mantu climbs the pipe. Gajanand stops him and asks who is he….

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