Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ruhi and Ishita’s touchy moment when Ruhi measures her stomach to make a special rakhi for the baby. Ishita hugs her and sends her to school. Vandu asks Ishita about the tests doctor Mukherjee suggested. Ishita says test will be needed when… I will go there. Vandu asks her to take Raman. Ishita says I don’t want Raman to be more upset, reports can have anything. Vandu pacifies her with filmi dialogue and says this time there will be some miracle. Ishita says fine, I will meet Mukherjee.

She goes and meets Mukherjee’s wife, as he is out of town. The lady says her reports are fine, miracles happen, she can have moderate hope, she has to take first step for Ruhi. Shagun asks the nurse to show all the files, as she works for NGO. She says she wants all entries and has to check. She says she will talk to doctor herself. The lady asks Ishita to take first step, then they can start the treatment. Ishita says I understand. The lady asks her and Raman to make the normal husband and wife relation. Shagun comes and hears them.

Ishita says we are very good friends now, we did not know about each other before, we have good understanding, we don’t feel need to have a child. The lady says its good symptoms to have changes in body. Ishita says I will come. Shagun thinks she can’t believe Raman and Ishita did not….

Ashok gets Jhakad’s call and says Raman and his wife are coming, you know to make party interesting. Mr. Bhalla comes there and says no need of the flat you got for Rinki. Ashok acts sweet and Mr. Bhalla scolds him. He warns Ashok to be away from his family, the family is still together with Raman, and praises Raman. He says Rinki has a home to live in. He leaves after returning the papers to him.

Ishita comes out and recalls doctor’s words. Shagun meets her and taunts her, asking about her kids and hearing doctor’s words. She calls her infertile and taunts her on her and Raman’s relation, where a husband did not touch his wife, or does he Raman not love her, or Ishita runs away from him, this is so sad. She says that doctor was also shocked and laughs. Ishita cries.

Ishita asks her to stay away from her personal matter. Shagun says its not personal matter, the hospital knows it. She says she can advice her, you married Raman and did not get him, end all the dramas of Sati Savitri, don’t just say I love you, express it too, get real, a husband is close to his kids’ mum the most, you want to be a governess for kids, instead mum. She says Raman did not see you from that sight, else he would have not been away. She says when Raman was with me, he did not use to leave me, we used to be in bedroom all the time, but it was me, and now its you Bahenji Aayaa/governess, too bad, you are not Raman’s type, else he would have not been away from you, all the best for baby. Ishita cries. Shagun feels bad to hurt her and looks at her. She thinks she is sorry, she likes Ishita and hopes her reverse psychology works, Ishita takes any step and Raman and Ishita unite for once and all.

Ishita is on the way and recalls Shagun’s words. She hits a car in the compound. Mihika worries and asks is she fine. The taxi driver argues with her. Ishita asks him why did he park car here, and scolds him. Mihika calms her and asks why is she so angry.

Rinki finds the papers and asks Mr. Bhalla about the flat papers. Mr. Bhalla says he got the papers and he has returned it to Ashok. She gets shocked. Ishita says Shagun feels Raman is not interested in me, am I so bad, I can’t bear this, I will not leave her. Mihika and Vandu talk to her. Ishita says Shagun is here again. Vandu asks whats the big deal, don’t give her importance. Ishita says she said right, Raman likes glamorous women. Mihika says people praise you and Raman.

Ishita says I m just caretaker of home and kids, Shagun said I m governess. Raman calls her and she refuses to talk. They put it on speaker. Raman tells Ishita about the party, and Jhakad invited them, its fine if she does not want to come, but he has to go to show face. They ask her to say yes. He says I will come home in evening, if you are coming be ready, else fine. Ishita gets annoyed and says he is embarrassed to take me.

Vandu says he would have not called if he did not wish to take you. Ishita says I m fine if he is not interested. Vandu asks her to listen. Ishita leaves. Mihika and Vandu think what to do.

Ashok talks about Ishita and Raman gets angry. Raman sees Ishita in a western dress.

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