Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with few goons coming in the market and looking for Himanshu’s wife, who sell jaggery. Chandu hears them and asks Sagarika to hide and leave. She asks why, Manjari asked me to sell jaggery. He asks to run, the men are coming to take her. She asks who are they, are they Garjana people. He says they are different, they are very dangerous landlords/moneylenders who gave loan to Himanshu, just run. Sandhya runs from them. The men see her and run after her. Chandu looks for her and follows the men. Sandhya collides with the goons and they catch her. She gets hurt and pushes the man. She runs. Chandu beats the goons. The goon goes after Sandhya.

Lalima comes to Rathi house and asks is anyone there. She thinks she made laddoo like Sooraj said, don’t know how she made. Sooraj comes and says you.. She says I m Lalima, I made coconut laddoo, can you taste and say. He says he will come. She thinks she is mad to come here, as Sooraj said she can’t make good laddoos, but just Sooraj can tell her of making good ones. Bhabho and Babasa look on. He asks her to think again. She thinks if Lalima talks to him, she will know his mental state, she has to do something to stop his truth from coming out.

Lalima asks Sooraj to taste the laddoo. Sooraj eats the laddoo and says its nice. She asks like you used to make? He says no, more better. She gets glad and asks really. He says its nice. Bhabho comes there and Sooraj goes. She asks what did Sooraj say. Lalima says he made my day, I was afraid that I will be able to manage the shop or not, he tasted the laddoo and passed me, I m very happy today. Bhabho thanks Lord that Lalima did not know Sooraj’s mental state. She blesses Lalima. Lalima asks her to have laddoos and gives the box. She leaves.

Bhabho asks Babasa to see its happening by Lord’s wish, and it means their relation will form. She thanks Lord. Sandhya runs in the jungle and the goon follows her in the tractor. She reaches the dead end. He asks her to run ahead and laughs. Chandu comes there and looks on. The goon says you made me run a lot, now you run. He asks her to take gun and kill him. She thinks her truth will come out of she takes gun. Chandu also thinks the same. The man says no one can save you. She holds the gun and shakes up, saying she will kill him and acts.

Chandu thinks if she uses gun to save her life, it will be proved that she is cheating them. The man asks her to shoot. Chandu waits. She thinks she will die, but not fail the mission, she has to be Sagarika. She drops the gun and stands as the tractor proceeds. Chandu rushes to save her, and stops the man, by beating him getting on the tractor. Sandhya looks on. The man pushes Chandu off the tractor and it hits the tree. The man gets injured. Sandhya looks on. Chandu thinks who is she, this girl did not do anything today.

Bharat is on the way and says sorry Sandhya, I could not tell the truth of Sooraj and family, your duty can’t permit you to fall weak. He says but her love will reach her husband, son and family. The goons were sent by Chandu and apologize to him for beating him. Chandu says no, you did great work, you can go now. The man asks Chandu about doing this. The commander gets angry. Chandu stops him, and says we want honest people. He says he has two identifies as per need, Garjana is doing this for their people. The commander says Sajni does not know about us, the people think we are Lord. The man says I understood and greets him. The men leave. Chandu says Sagarika passed in this test. He says she looks weak, but my heart says she is brave, she is not ordinary girl, just one last test where lies and smartness can’t work. He says this time it will be final test. The man asks what to do of this pot. Chandu asks him to take it to Narayani Devi.

Sandhya cries and tells Sajni that Shekhar saved her today. Sajni says he saved you twice, he is hero. The boy says he would have not allowed the goons to reach her. She asks him to grow up and boy stuns her saying he will become Garjana member like Chandu. She thinks she has to meet Chandu, he is very clever.

Bhabho talks to Lalima’s brother and asks Lalima’s hand. Lalima says sorry, Sooraj can be right man, but not for my sister.

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