Reporters 3rd August 2015 Written Episode

Malvika asks Shreya if she still loves Kabeer. Shreya gets uncomfortable. Malvika says if she does not like personal questions she will not. Shreya leaves her cabin. Malvika smirks thinking she hit the right chord.

Kabeer calls Ananya, but her phone is switched off. Taruni suggests him to try Ananya’s landline. He tries and Arman picks call. He asks how come he called him. Kabeer says he called to speak to him. Arman says he knows he wants to speak to Ananya. Kabeer says she has kept her phone switched off. Arman calls him as jiju and asks if he can help. Kabeer says he can. Arman says he will switch on didi’s phone right now and calls him jiju again, then says sorry sirr… He switches on phone. Ananya sees Kabeer’s call, yells at Arman and cuts it. Anurag taunts him that Ananya is so good and helps him a lot, but he scolds her often. Kabeer looks at taruni and says she forced him to fall in love again. Taruni says love is both getting angry and consoling and loving each other.

In the morning, Ananya enjoys breakfast with mom and thinks if she should inform her about Shreya. Mom gives halwa box for Kabeer. Ananya says earlier she used to prepare halwa only for her and now strangers. Mom jokes that she made strangers as dear ones. Tinu calls Ananya and informs about a breaking news and she leaves house by calling Sunny and informing him reach at the spot with camera..

Kabeer reaches office and asks Ronnie about Ananya who says she did not come yet. He informs him the whole situation and seeks his help. Ronnie agrees to help him.

Ananya covers news about deaths in hospital with sunny and reaches back office. Sunny informs Baby about the incident and she starts speaking to Ananya. Ananya leaves for cafeteria without talking. Ronnie comes and sits with her and asks why is she so angry. She says Kabeer does not want her to get promoted and opposed Shreya’s decision. Ronnie says there must be some reason which Kabeer wants to discuss, but she did not give him a chance. She says she is not a child and can understand everything. He says she has changed and says she does not listen to anyone. He explains how she used to discuss everything with him, but since he expressed his love for her which was his perception, she started avoiding any discussions with him and did not give him any chance. He asks if she gave Kabeer a chance to explain. She says now. Kabeer who is sitting behind turns and asks if she will give him a chance now and says he asked Ronnie to help him and bring her here.

Ananya tries to walk out. Ronnie asks them to continue and leaves. Kabeer holds her and says she thinks he is stopping her promotion, but she does not know how Shreya is and explains he knows Shreya very well and tells Shreya discussed Richa’s promotion with everyone and then announced it, but she did not discussed about Ananya’s promotion and announced it suddenly, she just wants to use her against him. If anything happens to her, he cannot keep quiet and will lose his temper and he does not want any differences between. Ananya understands his point.

Malvika waits eagerly for a courier. Peon hands her envelope. She opens it, looks at Kabeer and Ananya’s intimate pics and smirks.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: Any person can be explained if one tries to and without trying, no one can be.

Precap: During board meeting, Shreya throws Kabeer and Ananya’s intimate pics on desk and says someone sent it. Kabeer and Ananya are shocked and look at Malvika.

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