Satrangi Sasural 3rd August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
All are shocked to hear that vihaan calls vibha his wife. granny reprimands him for what he is doing. Vihaan asks arushi if she is arushi. she is baffled. all are shocked. he says that vibha told her that she used to work here as a maid for several years. arushi is shocked. granny asks how can he talk like this, and term arushi as a maid. she asks why is he behaving like this. Before vihaan can react, Vibha says that she forgot to tell them, that vihaan’s memory is lost. They are shocked. Vibha says that he doesnt recognise anyone or anything. Mini asks what nonsense is he talking. She then turns to vihaan asking if he doesnt recognise any of them, while vihaan looks at her boggled. all stand tensed, while arushi is heartbroken. mini asks how can he forget arushi, and asks her to try atleast. Priyanka and nilima try to talk. vihaan says that he knows they are his mothers, as vibha told them, and once they saw his pics in the newspaper, vibha got them here. Narmada tells him to stop listening to her, and that arushi is his wife. Vibha asks her not to increase his stress by talking like that as it can cause a reverse effect. Geeta and nilima too shut her up. Mini asks how can he forget arushi, his own wife. he starts to dose off, while vibha keeps asking them that they should back off, as it isnt good for vihaan. finally vihaan doses off, after their desperate coaxing. Arushi is shocked, qwhile all others are distraught. Vibha turns angrily at them, asking them to stop, as she had warned them. they all try and nudge him to get up. They try to call the doctor, while vibha asks them not to do so, as he might die too. They are apalled. Arushi stands stunned.

later, arushi is questioned by the mothers as to why she tolerated vibha. Mini wonders what an evil girl she is, that she kept vihaan away for so long. They decide to throw her out. But arushi reminds them that vihaan went through a lot of stress due to this, and requests them that they have to be tough for vihaan’s sake. granny commends that she is bearing all this, despite her delicate condition, when they cant. arushi says that she got the power due to the fact that vihaan is in front of her eyes. She says that she wont let vihaan get away from her, but for now, they shall have to adapt to the situation and play along with vibha, as she is the only woman who vihaan trusts and they have no other option. Vibha comes from behind, evilly sm,iling that arushi is indeed right. they are disgusted. vibha says that vihaan’s memory is gone, and asks them to let her do what she has come here to do. She says that today they saw him and the vice versa at the market, but he didnt come to them. They remember. Vibha says that doctors told that he has sustained serious injuries, and if stressed, it might be fatal for him. They shut her up, while she casually asks them to hang on. They are apalled even at the mention of his death. she says that she too doesnt want vihaan to go, and she wants vihaan to live for her. arushi realises that she is a betrayer. vibha starts talking about the tremendous efforts that she out in to keep vihaan alive and sustain him all this time, after arushi deserted him. She says that this was all god’s plan to get her the rightful place here. Narmada asks her where she found vihaan. She tells them that she had gone to mumbai and asked in every Police station, but was losing hope, when one day she suddenly saw him, walking in along with the fisherman. She rushes to him, asking if he is okay, and by his reaction, she understands that he doesnt remember anything. When asked about their relation, she admits that she is his wife, after the leader tells her that he sustained a grave head injury and forgot even his name. They are all shocked, while priyanka comes ahead and slaps her tight across her face, asking how dare she do this. She eyes priyanka angrily, insulted. she says that she didnt do it, but god, as the first time she saw him, she knew that vihaan and she are made for each other. they ask if she has gone mad. arushi asks how could she be such a lowlife, after what they did for her. Vibha says that had she died, she and priyanka would have been rotting in jail, and asks them to get it straight as they didnt do anything. They are surprised. Vibha says that she tried various doctors to set him right, but the doctors gave up, saying that the brain injury is serious, and that she was helpless, after all efforts failed, and had his memory returned, he wouldnt have been with her too, and would have come back here. Arushi says that she feels pity for her. Vibha says that its destiny, her coming to her life, as a part of god’s plan, and hence brought her closer to vihaan. She says that god saw how arushi mistreats vihaan, and hence sent him, as he saw her true devotion towards vihaan. They are shocked.

In the room, mini goes and wakes up vihaan. he wakes up boggled, while mini too faces him tensedly. She asks if he actually doesnt remember anything, and asks how can he forget the mothers and arushi. He starts screaming asking to be left alone, as his head is aching bad, and asks her to leave.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As girish goes to the shop for diapers, the shoplady commends for what a good job he did, and when people smirkingly comment, he gets angry and in a fistfight.

In the house, All are tensed to know of his memory loss. Katuri is tensed, while dadaji is happy that he returned atleast and that they should have faith in the lord, that all would be fine. Mili serves food to kasturi. she is about to take the first bite, when she stops and gives it to jhanvi, who is cradling the baby and is busy. Jhanvi gets overwhelmed with emotions. Kasturi asks whats the matter. jhanvi is too happy to be accepted. Girish comes in, and dadaji asks him to take the child, so that jhanvi can eat. girish remembers the comment and is angered and furious, as he eyes the baby. he curtly replies that he is tired and is going to sleep. All are boggled by this weird behaviour.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vibha says that she has just one obstacle, and that is arushi, and hence she would have to go. All are shocked. they all reply in unison, saying that this wont happen, till they are here. She faces them sternly, and then comes to another conclusion, that she would have to be a servant here. Everyone including arushi is shocked. they ask what nonsense. She asks if they comply. they all do not confirm. Just then, vihaan’s screams distracts them towards his room, and they rush to his room. Vibha is very scared, wondering if vihaan remembered everything. The screen freezes on arushi’s shocked face.

Precap: Vibha comes and claps as arushi sits, saying that now she knows that her love story is next to perfect, and now the only obstacle is arushi herself. Arushi faces her tensedly. Vibha says that she would have to go from here to make her love story perfect.

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