Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 3rd August 2015 Written Episode

Pratap set down to make a new fort for himself and his citizens. He dint have much resources but the people trusted him and his ideas. They all helped him in his mission. God too had to give up before him. Pratap got a new army for himself. He taught them how to protect their new city from any enemy. The new city was much grander than Chittor!

3 Years Later:

Pratap is doing morning snan in the river. He does puja as soon as he is out of water. Acharya too is present there. Pratap seeks his blessings. Pratap thanks him for guiding him all along. I am successful in my mission because of you. Acharya says you will always be successful as you follow the path or righteousness and dharma. You had vowed not to enter inside any fort or palace or use any royal luxuries till you get these citizens a safe new city. You have won today! Pratap misses Rawat ji. He would have been so proud to see it. Acharya adds that all the martyrs would be watching him from above. They all will be proud of you that you dint let your motherland fail. They are always with you. Pratap will not let their efforts go down in drain. The much awaited day is finally here! The new struggle begins from tomorrow! He offers milk to the Shivlinga. It was all possible because of your blessings. My new mission is to make this new city the main point of the entire Rajputana. Now we have to send those Mughals back from our motherland to make it free of any Mughals! He says Jai Ekling ji. Acharya follows suit.

Akbar looks at the map (of all the places that they have conquered) and smiles looking at Rajputana. He sits on his throne. Maan Singh tells that he has got half of India under his control in last 3 years. Akbar compliments one of the courtesans for wearing a beautiful dress. The guy shares that that is from one of the places in Rajputana. Akbar wants that city under his control too. They might be small but we are unable to win over them. Maan Singh shares that he has already called the rest of the kings from the cities that they have not win over. Akbar is happy to hear it. The three kings refuse to bow down before Akbar. We don’t feel it from inside. We are Rajputs. Akbar gets angry and touches his sword. He walks towards them and welcomes them in his palace.

Amar runs to tell his mother that the last house’s roof has been built too. Father will be coming. Ajabde takes him to make preps for him.

Ajabde is getting the palace decorated. Chand says brother’s vow is complete so beautifying the palace wont make any difference to him.

Pratap enters the fort. Everyone is there for his grand welcome. Pratap touches his father’s feet. US appreciates him for all the hard work that went into building this grand city. Jagmal isn’t happy. Pratap instead thanks Udaipur’s kids for all the help that went into constructing the city. Everyone is surprised to hear Udaipur. Pratap clears that this is the new name for their city. Rana US’s newly made city Udaipur! You are the inspiration for everyone, our Rana ji. The world will know this city as Udaipur from today onwards! Everyone is happy except Jagmal. US hugs his son. US asks JB to do Pratap’s aarti. JB gives DB the right. She did all the duties of a Maharani in my absence. US knows that she is not too much interested in palace’s duties but I request you today. Everyone requests her so she agrees. JB does Pratap’s aarti.

Precap: Akbar gets to know about Udaipur from one of the kings who are present in Akbar’s palace. Pratap thinks of joining hands with the neighbouring Samants. I will throw that Mughal out of Rajputana and India only. US shows his disagreement on the idea.

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