Tere Sheher Mein 3rd August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rachita, Jaz and Amaya thinking how did things change so soon in a day. Sneha comes to them and says there will be few family problems. Amaya says we are glad Nana ji accepted us, but… whats the matter, we want to know. Sneha says he is my dad, he would accept us any day, we have our family now. Uma cries saying Mantu loves Amaya, not me. She cries seeing the memories and thinks to ruin it. Mantu cries recalling Amaya. Amaya thinks about his words and they both stand in window looking at the door. Bin tere…………..plays………..

Mantu says he can’t live without seeing her and goes to Mathur haveli. He tries to get inside the house and climbs pipe. Gajanand wakes up and comes out. He smiles seeing the rain. Kripa comes and says weather is bad, come inside. Mantu sees them and does not move. Gajanand says its raining good and they go inside their haveli. Mantu climbs in the balcony. Tera naam ishq……………plays………. Mantu sees Amaya sleeping. The power goes and he stops rain drop from falling on her face.

He is about to hold her face. He hears Gajanand’s voice and leaves shutting the balcony doors, seeing Amaya feeling cold. He comes down and starts leacing. Gajanand puts torchlight on him and asks him to stop. He scolds Mantu and asks him not to be seen here, around the girls. He says don’t know what values his parents gave him. Mantu says you can’t say anything about parents, don’t judge so soon, you did not experience everything, all guys are not same. He leaves.

Uma says she is mad to wish for Mantu’s love and burns all the things. She recalls Amaya’s words. She thinks its better to die and cries, recalling Amaya and Mantu’s words.

Uma says she will better die if she can’t get Mantu’s love. She jumps into water. Chiklu, Atom and Pappu look for Uma. Mantu is on the way and meets them. They say Uma is not at home, and Mantu asks Atom to drop Chiklu home, and goes to find Uma. Mantu tries finding her. Its morning, Sneha talks to Pushpa. Kaushalya and Rudra talk seeing them. She asks him to find the secret and then she will ruin them. He agrees and asks her to have food.

Amaya thinks she has seen love in Mantu’s eyes, what happened then. The inspector says Uma is not found, they are afraid of some bad happenings. Mantu says no, she will be fine, I will find her. Sneha asks Gajanand to have breakfast. Amaya signs sisters to pray and eat food. He smiles. Rudra comes and Gajanand asks where was he at night. Rudra says I was sleeping at home. Gajanand asks him to keep sleeping, and not do his duty. Rudra asks whats the matter. Gajanand tells about some guy who was around haveli, if any guy roams here, they will lose name. He asks the girls not to behave such that guys think they like them. Rachita says this did not happen before, we will be careful. He blesses her. He asks Rudra to do his duty. Rudra says he will find him and asks description. Gajanand describes Mantu. Amaya thinks Mantu came to meet her. Mantu cries and says nothing should happen to Uma.

Uma is saved by fishermen. Amaya sees Mantu sad.

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