Mere Angne Mein 4th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bua asking Riya to tell the decision. She says she danced better than Shanti. Riya looks on. Pari steals Riya’s phone. Nimmi gets to see it. Pari scolds Nimmi. Bua asks Riya to tell the decision. Riya gets tensed and says I think…. Bua says stop, just record this on mobile, so that you can show this mobile to Shanti to remind her that she lost to me. Bunty looks for Riya’s phone. Shivam is crying in the temple. Sarla comes there and sees a lady scolding her twin daughters.

Sarla gets an idea and talks to the girl. She blesses her and her twin sister. She smiles and thanks Lord for this wonderful idea. She says she will use this twin sister story, Riya and Priya, and leaves from there. Pari calls Sarla and asks her to come soon. She tells her everything what Shanti is doing, and Amit hiding in bathroom. Shanti says she has won. Amit comes out and thinks to call Sarla. Rani comes to him and he starts acting as being unwell.

Nimmi calls Shivam and he cuts the call crying at the temple. Bunty says Riya’s phone is ringing. Bua tells Shanti whenever her relatives came to them, something has been stolen. Riya gets shocked. Everyone look on stunned as Shanti and Bua start arguing. Shanti scolds Bua. Pari thinks its good she has kept phone on silent. Pari asks Sarla to come soon. Bua asks Shanti why will she call as if thief is her relative. Shanti says you feel we are thieves, and asks them to call Raghav to decide. She asks Kaushalya to call Raghav fast. Shanti asks Bua why is she giving her grand daughter in thieves family, and cancels the marriage. They all get shocked. Riya cries.

Amit calls Sarla and asks her to come soon, he is in bathroom. She says she is reaching. Bua says she did not call Shanti thief, and folds hands to apologize, and asking her not to do this. Radha also apologizes. Shanti asks Bua not to cry as a kid, its fine, she has to hear that she has won the dance competition. She taunts Bua slowly.

Raghav comes and asks who won. Kaushalya says its tie. Shanti says Kaushalya is always in hurry. A man asks Shivam to pray to Lord and his wishes will be fulfilled. Shivam cries and says no use of prayers. The man gives him Prasad and leaves. Shivam eats Prasad. Sarla comes to the venue and sees the name board missing. She finds it at the side and says she now knows the imp of cow dung. Sarla gets Riya’s phone from Pari and is glad seeing her talent. Shivam calls Riya. Sarla says she is Priya, Riya’s sister, she is busy in mehendi and she has Riya’s phone. He says sorry, Riya did not tell me about you, I did not see you at home.

Priya says I was with my Bua Dadi, shopping for marriage. He asks did we speak before. She says no, I m busy as my marriage is happening, I will tell Riya that you called. Sarla asks Pari to message Shivam if he calls again. Sarla asks Pari to get her another dress, she will use it, and asks her to go and call Amit soon.

Riya tells Bunty to call Shivam and talk, she is tensed that Shivam is unwell. Bua comes and asks them to talk later. Pari gets the dress and Amit. She asks Amit not to take tension. Sarla asks him to go home fast. She sends Amit and tells her plan to Pari. Shivam is at the temple. Kaushalya calls him and he answers the call. He says he has some work. She asks where is he, everyone is here. He says his friend was in problem, so he went, he will come soon. Kaushalya asks him to come soon.

Shanti asks about Sarla. Sarla says she is here, Amit was unwell and she was with him, she has sent him come. She says Amit loves Shanti a lot, and whenever anyone fights with Shanti, he gets unwell. Shanti says all this because of Lali Bua. They all leave. Rani asks Pari did Amit leave. Pari says yes, he has gone. Shivam thinks to find out. Sarla asks Riya not to feel bad. Pari tells Sarla that Shivam is calling her. Sarla says let him call, and sends her. Sarla brings a dress for Riya and asks her to wear it. Riya thanks her. Sarla says she wanted to see how dress looks on her. Riya says she will wear it.

Shanti is leaving and Bua attends her. Bunty asks Sahil about Riya. He says they all are leaving. Shivam comes there. Pari gets tensed seeing him, and calls Sarla. Riya wears the dress and Sarla compliments her. She says she has ritual to show her moon and stars, and takes Riya by fooling her. Sarla addresses her like Priya, and fools Shivam, while Pari makes someone else wear Riya’s clothes. Riya says aunty I m not Priya… Sarla calls her Priyal. Sarla and Pari fool Shivam. Shivam pats his head and smiles. Bua asks Bunty to get Riya. Bunty says she was with Sarla.

Pari and Sarla bring Riya. Nimmi says that’s Pari’s dress, and Sarla lies to them. Pari taunts Nimmi, and Nimmi too answers her well. Shivam messages Riya asking why did she not tell him that she has a sister. Sarla asks Shivam about coming late. She asks how did he get hurt and asks him to take care. She gives 100rs and asks him to donate at some temple. She asks him to come soon. Bua has body pain after much dancing and Radha massages her legs. Kaushalya massages Shanti’s leg. Shanti sees Raghav coming and makes Kaushalya leave her legs. She starts acting and says she could not win the competition after the tie.

Sarla cries and tells Shanti that Shivam left when she asked him to get juice for her. Shanti asks Kaushalya about Shivam. Kaushalya says I don’t know. Sarla asks Kaushalya what values she gave to Shivam. Sarla complains to Raghav. Nimmi defends Shivam. Raghav makes Nimmi apologize to Sarla. Raghav says he will wait for Shivam. Shivam comes home and they see his hand hurt. Kaushalya asks how did he get hurt. Shivam says he is fine.

Kaushalya asks him to drive bike slow. Raghav asks Shivam where was he. Raghav asks him why did he not get juice for Sarla. Shivam says he forgot. Shanti and Raghav scold him and make him apologize to Sarla.

Sarla and Pari make a new plan to proceed in Amit’s marriage.

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