Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Suman and Preeti to talk later. He asks Sakshi what she wants to say. Preeti calls Sakshi again and again, and makes her busy. Suman lies to Vasundara about Bau ji leaving the party, and takes Vasundara. Preeti lies to Sakshi about some big news and Sakshi leaves to cover the interview. She says she will tell Vasundara later, and it will be big interview for her. Thapki and Kiran pass by. Thapki tells Sakshi that goon Munna has died, she has seen in the news in morning. Sakshi asks what nonsense, I got call that he wants to give interview. Kiran takes Thapki. Sakshi comes to know Thapki was saying true and says someone has fooled me, I failed to tell Vasundara about her stammering, and Thapki proved herself smart again.

Dhruv talks to guests. He introduces Thapki to them, and says he is so lucky that Thapki came in his life, and is becoming his life partner. His friends meet Thapki and give her bouquet. Thapki thanks them and stammers. Dhruv smiles. Sakshi asks Aditi about Vasundara, and drinks wine. She backbites about Thapki, and Aditi gets angry. Thapki gets stuck and Dhruv pats on her back. She recalls how Diwakar insulted her infront of his friends.

He signs her and they smile. He asks the guests to enjoy the party. Aditi asks Thapki to have juice. Dhruv asks Thapki to take care. Aditi thanks Dhruv for supporting Thapki always, she is very lucky to have him. Dhruv says you will also get the guy made for you soon. Sakshi gets drunk and says she wants to Thapki alone. She asks Aditi can she take Thapki for some time and acts sweet to them. Aditi asks Thapki to be careful.

Sakshi brings Thapki to the room and starts insulting her, being very angry for making her life hell. Thapki says you said we will forget everything and make new start. Sakshi says yes we will make new start of revenge and you have snatches everything from me, I can’t forgive you, you trapped my Dhruv. She scolds Thapki, and hurts Thapki, pushing her on the mirror. She says she will ruin her dreams and break this relation, her true face will come out.

Sakshi hurts Thapki and spoils her kajal and lipstick. Dhruv asks Vasundara did she see Thapki. Vasundara asks him to find her. Sakshi gets fire to burn up Thapki and ruin her face. Thapki cries and asks her to leave her. Thapki’s saree catches fire. Sakshi gets stunned and says I was just scaring you, I did not do this intentionally. Bihaan comes there and blows off fire from Thapki’s saree. Sakshi says sorry. Bihaan looks at her angrily. Sakshi clarifies and says I m really sorry. He throws dirty water on Sakshi’s face and fire, and she gets shocked. She asks how dare he throw dirty water on her. He scolds her. Thapki looks on. Bihaan asks Sakshi to see her face in mirror, as she was showing Thapki’s face. He asks her to spoil her hair, remove kajal and lipstick, just like she did to Thapki. He says she is so ugly and calls herself beautiful. Thapki asks Bihaan to let Sakshi go. Bihaan says stop, I m talking to Sakshi.

He asks Sakshi not to do this mistake again, today he has made her face blackened at home, he will make her roam in city like this, and asks her to remember him and his words. Sakshi fumes.

Dhruv scolds Sakshi. Sakshi says I was just telling aunty about Thapki. Vasundara slaps Sakshi and promises Thapki that nothing wrong will happen with her now. Sakshi says Thapki will be slapped when her truth comes out.

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