Sasuraal Simar Ka 4th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
sid says to roli you mean mohini is behind all this? And that phone call was fake, no sketch is coming from kolkata? This was just to dodge them.
Sid says if there was something like that, they wont have saved prem. Amar overhears them. Roli says i can’t refuse what my mind is showing me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to consider this as well. Amar recalls mohini saying no relationship can work without trust. He says again and again mohini has to go through this test. First time i think simar is wrong. Amar goes to mohini and says i think you have not forgiven me. She says you test me before trusting. Thank God i didn’t love becuase i had to go through a lot of tests. Amar says you have another test tomorrow, and this time i am with you. Mohini says what test? He tells her what he overhears in sid’s room. Amar says i dont know why simar doubts you.

Mohini goes downstairs and says mata ji, maa, uncle aunty. Everyone comes. Mata ji says what is it mohini?Mohini says if we have made a mistake pardon us but don’t blame us like this. Mata ji says who is blaming you? She points at Simar. Simar says what you mean? Mohini says you were going to test me again tomorrow right? simar is dazed. mohini says why are you doing this? why you think I am behind all this. Maybe because i reached where prem was?
Amar says this time you are wrong simar. We have made this mistake before. I can’t do this again, I am on Mohini’s side this time. Mohini wont give anymore tests. You people can’t do this to her. She is not wrong, i trust her completely. Sunanda says we wont live here anymore, lets go mohini. Mata ji says please give us a chance to explain. Prem says simar they helped us when we were trouubled what is this all for? Simar says why you think this is wrong? Mata ji says i think you have a misunderstanding simar. Simar holds her hand and says no. Mata ji says do what you think is right. Amar says this is baseless simar. Maybe the other woman is thakurain’s pal. Simar says your love is speaking instead of you. You dont want to see other side of the coin. Sujata says simar will this be good if they leave our house like this? I and mata ji will talk to sunanda. Go to your rooms all of you.

mohini says to sunanda simar has messed with me now i have to play my part. Sunanda says i didn’t get you. mohini says lets start getting ready to leave this house. We will leave this house but to come back. Then we will get respect like simar and roli. We will start our game then and i have decided what to do with bharadwajs.

Prem says to simar my shoulder really hurts. I will go for check up tomorrow. Simar says you should sleep here, i have brought you the milk. he drinks it.
next morning prem wakes up and says i cant bear this pain anymore. Simar massages with bam. She sees a black dot on prem’s neck. Simar shows the same mark to prem. He says i dont know how i got it. let me get ready then we will go to doctor. Simar sees the cat in the window. she looks back the cat is not there anymore. Simar says what is happening? prem met an accident but nothing happened to him and now this mark. That witch did all this. Simar says but thakurain is dead. is mohini.. I have to find the truth and the other woman soon.

Precap-Mohini and sunanda leaves. Rolio puts ganga in the house. sunanda says how will we enter the house now. Mohini says to sunanda simar will break down.

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