Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla explaining Rinki. Rinki argues with him and shouts. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she shouting, when she made issue when Raman talked in high tone with dad. Rinki says she has no problem with Ashok. Mr. Bhalla says he knows Raman well, how could she forget how Ashok tried to ruin Raman, she won’t take anything from Ashok. Rinki says fine, I m going. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to let her go. She cries and says Ashok is bad man, don’t know what he did magic on Rinki, I have to inform Ishita.

Raman sees Mrs. Tandon with Ashok, and getting close. He gets shocked and says Mrs. Tandon with Ashok, and recalls Rajeev Tandon and his wife Shweta. Shweta leaves. Raman gets thinking about them. He gets angry and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that Mr. Bhalla scolded Rinki, and why is she upset about Shagun’s words. She asks her to forget it, and she knows Raman loves her. She says its true that someone you have to woo husband, you are educated and modern girl, you know everything. Vandu says aunty is right, you got opportunity as Raman invited you, get ready and look hot, then see Raman, all this stupid fear will go.

Mihika says you have to listen to them. Vandu asks her to smile and talk to Raman. Mihika takes Ishita to make her ready. Mrs. Bhalla curses Shagun and says why did she come back to Delhi. Shagun comes to her flat and maid sees her from window. She says madam has come so soon, and doctor is sleeping in his room. She goes and wakes him up. She sends him saying Vicky is calling him. He gets ready and says I m going. She sends him and prays that they both don’t come face to face and not meet.

Shagun and Manoj wait for lift. The maid asks Manoj to go by stairs, and he leaves. Shagun comes there by the lift and goes with the maid. Raman says Mrs. Tandon with Ashok, that’s not possible. Ashok comes and Raman asks him about Shweta. Ashok says we have lots of fun together. Raman warns him to stop all this. Ashok asks am I any hindi film villain, Mrs. Tandon called me, she wanted to meet me. Raman says you feel I will believe this nonsense. Ashok says that’s the truth, you are innocent, women are very clever, you feel Ishita is Devi. Raman holds his tie and says Ishita is my wife, I will not leave you.

Ashok says this is your problem, you get angry soon. He makes Raman sit. He says women look innocent but are not, Mrs. Tandon felt Tandon did not have that spark now and came to me, this happened with you too. Raman asks what. Ashok says everyone wants luxuries and women, people change for it, for example Shagun, she came to me as she wanted much from her life.

Raman fumes and scolds him, saying if Shagun did not leave from his life, he would have not met Ishita, he has fought with his dad for her. Ashok says you trust her blindly, women don’t believe this, Ishita is like bahenji, she did not see any world expect your home, the day she goes out and sees colorful life, she will change. He describes two categories of women, who miss out things in life and don’t notice it, and second who want more from life. Raman gets angry on him. Ashok says Ishita is coming in party, see you. Raman says if my wife changes, then I will be your slave all my life, if you are wrong, then I won’t leave you. Ashok leaves. Raman thinks he knows Ishita, she will never change, she is not like those women.

Raman comes home and Vandu sees him.. He thinks of Ashok’s words. She gets coffee for him and says Ishita has gone out. Raman says maybe she will not come with me in party. Ishita comes there in western clothes and he recalls Ashok’s words. Ishita asks shall we leave. Raman asks whats this new drama, she is not this type, this clothes are not made for her. She recalls Shagun’s words. Raman says there is no need to change, fine if you have worn this, come. He goes and she cries.

Mihika and Vandu ask Ishita to go. Ishita says I don’t think I should go, I should change dress. Vandu and Mihika say she looks stunning, and send her. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita recalls Shagun’s words. He recalls Ashok’s words and they both are upset and non talking. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….Raman drives angrily.

Ishita cries in the party. Ashok sees her and spikes her drink, by bribing the waiter. He says I will see Bhalla family, when they know what I do with their respect/bahu. He holds Ishita and asks her to come with him, she will feel better and like it. Ishita gets dizzy.

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