Swaragini 4th August 2015 Written Episode

Laksh and everyone see Swara’s video. Swara apologizes to Ragini in the video and says only she (Ragini) can be good marwadi bahu. She tells Laksh that she used to take drugs and have conspired herself. She asks him to believe that her freedom is utmost important to her, and asks them not to search her. She says she loves him, but can’t marry him. Everyone is shocked to see the compromised recording. Actually it is conspiracy by Ragini against Swara. Dadi says what she has done? Laksh tells that he wants to stay alone for sometime, and is devastated. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that Swara made them feel insulted infront of everyone, and also ditched Laksh and gave him tears. Sumi tells that it is not Swara in the video. Laksh recalls the fake recording, and the recent happenings. Sumi tells that she is not my Swara, and not my upbringing. Annapurna tells Sumi that it is her independence, which is responsible. She asks Durga Prasad to speak up, who is also in shock. Sumi asks Annapurna not to blame Swara, and says it is not truth. Shekhar says she is Swara, and she said that she don’t want to marry.

Sumi tells Shekhar that she don’t accept it. Dadi tells that it is truth and tells your daughter have insulted us. She is behind every conspiracy. She wanted to break this relation and left betraying Laksh. Evil, Psycho Ragini comes to Laksh to pacify him with her fake love. Sumi tells that Swara can’t do this, and prays to Devimaa to save Swara’s marriage and truth. She asks Devimaa to bring Swara back home. Sanskar is searching Swara near the temple. Annapurna argues with them, which is muted. One lady tells Sanskar that she saw Swara near the river coast and took her to hospital. Sanskar thanks her. Sumi tells Annapurna and Dadi that it is enough now, and asks not to say anything. Dadi says your daughter have did this. Sumi says until Swara comes back, I won’t believe on the recording. I will kill her, if she says the same. Annapurna tells that they are taking the baraat back.

Sanskar reaches the hospital and sees Swara( well done Sanskar). The doctor informs him that she has a head injury and the water entered inside her liver. Sanskar asks him to treat her right now, and asks Swara to wake up. Annapurna asks Laksh to come and he starts walking. Sumi asks him not to go. Laksh says he has always trusted Swara, but can’t seeing this video. He takes out his turban. Sumi tells that she doesn’t know from where this video has come, and it is surely a conspiracy. Annapurna asks Laksh not to come in her talks and says she is blinded by motherly’s love.

Sumi asks Shekhar to explain to them. Shekhar tells that Swara has left and sent this proof to us. Sumi says this proof can’t convince me. Dadi asks her not to close eyes, and face the truth. Sumi says she has firm believe on her upbringing. Ragini gets tensed. Sumi says she will wait for Swara to come and tell the truth. Sanskar asks Swara to wake up, and she opens her eyes. She sees Sanskar and says maa…..Doctor asks Sanskar to hold her, and he leaves.

Sanskar tells Swara that they have to leave from there right now. Swara recalls Ragini pushing her in the river and tells him that Ragini pushed her. She cries. Sanskar tells that they have to reach there immediately. She says she would have left Laksh if Ragini told her once. She cries and says she is broken now. She says my own sister tried to kill me and says Ragini was not like this before. She says don’t know, how can she changed so much. Sanskar tells her that Ragini betrayed her, pushed her and want to take advantage of the situation. He asks her to come before Ragini does a mistake again.

Ragini tells that Sumi is right, she don’t trust on this video. She asks him to trust on Sumi, and says they are not wrong. She says Swara is very good at heart and needs a chance to rectify her mistake. She says Swara did a mistake, but she needs a last chance. Just then Dida comes there and slaps her hard shocking everyone.

Swara tells Sanskar that she has to question Ragini about her doings. Sanskar lifts Swara and takes her out from hospital. Dida asks Ragini, why she has betrayed her sister? Everyone looks on shockingly.

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