Doli Armaanon Ki 4th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Diya’s residence
Diya is then brought face to face with one of them, who also leeringly asks her to go and identify him as one of the rapists. shaurya asks her not to be scared while the police too asks her to be calm and recognise. she is too apalled and distraught. the actual rapist though continues to hide his face in fear and tension, and looks away. Diya is scared by the horrific goons, and rushes out, refusing to see the final person, where in fact he is the rapist. Shaurya rushes aftre her and finds her extremely agitated and scared. he asks her to be strong as he would have to do this, to get those criminals justice. But she is too shaken and says that its none of them. shaurya is tensed and asks if she is sure. she is too dazed. the police too comes why she came out like this, and asks him to make diya understand. shaurya asks him to understand, and he says that he does, but they have to go through this. He asks them to come inside. Shaurya says that its none of them. the police asks if he is sure, and when he complies, the police asks the hawaldar to take the goons away. Shaurya takes diya and asks her to come along home.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Asha wakes up and is shocked to find that its nearly eight, and gaurav might be here anytime, and she hasnt got anything ready. she is scared, while nupur comes out casually asking for tea. Just then, the doorbell rings and gaurav comes in with chiku. Nupur wishes them goodevening. they come in. gaurav asks her to lay out the food, as they are extremely hungry. asha asks him to order food from outside. When he gets to know, that sah dosed off and didnt make food, gaurav hollers that he doesnt like to eat outside, and asks what she does the whole day, as there’s a servant for everything, then why cant she just simply cook food. Nupur gets angry and asks how can he demean his own wife like that and taunts him, for not preparing food for one day. She reminds him that she is a wife not a servant. Chiku watches amusedly. Asha too is happy that she stands up for her. Chiku praises nupur for talking something good for a change for the first time. He then offers asha to sit while he prepares something. nupur who is gloating at the praise, offers to tag along with chiku, but he firmly and sternly puts her away. she sits dejectedly. gaurav apologises, and asha is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Karan is upset to know from damini, that diya went to the police station without him, as he thinks he might have missed out on media publicity. damini asks if he stays here that he should be informed about everything, and if he is so concerned about diya, he should take her. karan again says that its due to his mother that he cant. damini asks him to make his mother agree then. he says that she doesnt know his mother, as she isnt convinced at all, for his relationship with diya. She then suggests him to take urmi to his mother, as she is very convincing and would be able to convince his mother. urmi comes listening to all this. damini says that even if she isnt able to convince, she would enforce it anyways. she again brings up that urmi didnt bother to ask her being the elder, and just got diya in the house. She asks him to take urmi there. he says that he cant, as his mother is very barbed tongued, and can insult urmi anyhow. urmi listens disgusted at both of them. Just then, karan is told that shaurya and diya have come. Urmi comes and asks what happened. karan too asks and hollers at diya that he should have told her. Shaurya stops him saying that she went to the police station not to go to the party. He asks him why is he angry, instead of asking if there was any progress, and asks if this is his love and care. Karan immediately softens and apologises, and then asks diya. Shaurya taunts that he shouldnt worry, as there was no media there. karan is tensed. urmi asks whats the matter. karan covers up, somehow placing the blame on media, not letting shaurya speak. Damini is amused. karan apologises to diya, saying that he got angry as he cares for her, and doesnt want her to have to face alone anything. Diya says that shaurya and urmi stand beside her as pillars of support, who gave her the courage to take such a major decision. karan stands with his head hung low.

Later, Damini comes and finds ishaani, busy in her laptop, and asks whats she so engrossed in. ishaani says that he was just seeing a film, and starts talking about the male superstar. damini hears disinterestedly, while she is tensed. ishaani notices and asks whats the matter as she seems tensed. damini pretends to be worried, and again points out that she is tired of shaurya and urmi, and feels that she should lesave her own house. ishaani asks whats wrong. damini points out how madly shaurya is after diya, but ishaani says that he ios just helping. damini asks her to question why, as his over concern and extra interference, might strain diya’s relation with shaurya. ishaani says that he is just being supportive. Damin i says that people might talk, and even when ishaani desnt understand, she tries to badmouth shaurya and urmi, saying that in the wake of support, shaurya might take a strong yet wrong step. ishaanib refuses to believe that diya doesnt deserve shaurya, and that she knows her brother too well for that. But damini says that she would always be insecure of her worst fears coming true. she successfully manages to plan the idea in ishaani’s mind, adding that she wont be able to bear it, and shall leave the house. damini is happy that ishaani is convinced and leaves.

The next morning, damini is dressed traditionally, while all are ready with puja arrangements. anirudh and alok join in too. they ask about shaurya. urmi says that he shall come once he wakes up. She says that ishaani shall come soon too. in her room, diya is highly tensed that whatever she is doing, is distancing relatives and her near ones from her. she asks the lord to give her the strength to ensure her victory over evil, by shaurya and urmi’s support. she hears the sound of the prayers, from down, where ishaani and shaurya too have joined. Diya comes out of her room, and finds the puja going on. she steps down the stairs and comes to join them. She notices the entire family praying together and stands herself too, in between shaurya and urmi, with her hands joined. damini turns around and gives the hole fumes on everyone, but when she turns around, she finds diya too standing there and is enraged. She goes to diya and asks her to leave from here, right now, rightaway. Diya opens her eyes closed, in shock and sadness. Urmi and others are surprised too. Anirudh tries to speak, but she shuts him up. she asks diya if she didnt hear. Damini asks diya to get lost, giving her a push to throw her out of the room. urmi composes her, while diya is in shock. she asks damini what and why is she doing this. Anirudh is angry at her, while shaurya, alok and sandhya are surprised. damini shuts them all with a scream, adding that its enough, and that she didnt say anything, when urmi brought diya inside the house. She adds that this girl cant come in her worship place. they are all shocked. Diya meanwhile is too stunned and apalled. Anirudh asks why cant diya come in. Damini asks him not to step in feminine issues, and then asks all of them to be quiet. she again asks diya what kind of a shameless girl, she is, that even after being told and insulted so many times, she still stands here. diya is apalled. She begins to go, but shaurya stops her by holding her hand, boggling damini. the screen freezes on Damini’s angry face.

Precap: Damini clarifies that diya has been raped, and hence a soiled girl has no place in any pious rituals in a pious place. urmi reminds her that everyone is same in the eyes of the lord. Damini angrily says that if she is so hurt and disturbed, then she should herself take diya and leave this place, they are all tensed.

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