Sasuraal Simar Ka 5th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mohini says i and maa have decided to go from here. Amar says wait a minutes mohini.He says simar stop her form going, i have never asked you for anything. Dont punish my love with your misunderstanding. Mohini says what are you saying? Amar says i know you dont love me but i trust you. I dont want our relationship to be ruined by our misunderstanding. Simar says there is a treatment for everything in the world but doubt, this is why i cant help you today. If you and family thinks that mohini should live here then i have no issue. Mata ji says simar this wont be right. You have done so much for this family. If you have a doubt then they should go. Mata ji says amar don’t get us wrong, but with a heavy heart i have to say that it would be better for mohini and sunanda to leave this house. Sunanda and mohini are leaving.

Simar says to roli i feel agitated. I feel like there is something wrong in the whole house.i thought we should sparkle ganga jal in the house, simar and roli sparkle gangajal in the house. Simar makes the holy sign with sindur outside the house. Mohini and sunanda watch her. Sunanda says mohini, they put ganga jal in the house and she made this on the door, what if our mission is left amid? Mohini says we can’t go in but prem can come outside. Simar shall break.

amar is packing his stuff, prem says what are you doing? amar says dont stop me today. I should be with the one i love and want to spend my life with. Prem says you are aggravating things. Amar comes downstairs. Simar says amar stop here. Roli says we all know you love mohini but we know simar wont doubt anyone for no reason. Let us be assure today. Amar says relationships are not run my mind. Simar says amar but.. amar joins his hands and says please dont stop me. he leaves. Amar puts his bag in the car and sits with the driver. He says to mohini we are going to my place. mohini says how can we live there? he says let me prove how much i love you. sunanda says you should give him a chance, mohini says okay. They sit in the car and leave. Simar says please protect amar God.

amar says connsider this your house. Sunanda says if we live here people are going to talk about my daughter. Amar says i understand, i will live somewhere else. sunanda says no i dont want you homeless. mohini says i have a solution. Every girl want a life partner that stands with her all her life. I am ready to marry you because you stood with me in darkest times. Maa do you mind my decision? Sunanda says what could be happier for me? prem comes in and says for me too.
Prem says i apologize on my family;s behalf. Sunanda says it would be better if they get married today. amar says why today? Sunanda says we can’t spend a night here without marriage. Amar says there is a temple near the house. Sunanda says i wish it was in the house. Prem says no temple is better i will get everything prepared. I am going. Amar says let bring something to eat.
Sunanda says we wont be able to stay in the temple.

Roli say to simar are we wrong? Sid says i think the same. prem comes in and says i have a good news for all. Amar and mohini are getting married today. sid says why are they hasty? prem says they dont wanna live under the same roof without mariage. he says simar i hope you will attend this wedding.Simar says but why are they getting married? prem says they love each other. He was with you even when i was against you. I hope you stand with him on his special day. We will all be part of this wedding. I you think mohini and sunanda are witches they wont be able to enter the temple. Sid says i think prem is right. Amar shouldn’t feel alone. Prem says lets share this happiness with everyone.

Prem tells everyone and says its upto you all now whether you wanna go to wedding or not. mata ji says we know simar whatever you do, you do it for some logical reason. I want to know your decision about attending this wedding. Simar says mata ji we will attend the wedding. But i and prem only.

precap-Mohini says to simar so much happened to you still you didn’t realize i am the witch, Simar says what have we done? and amar what is his fault? mohini says my real target is prem, amar is just a pawn.

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