Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming in party. Bansal compliments Ishita and Raman looks on. Mrs. Jhakad also compliments her and they have a talk. Raman meets the businessmen. Ishita gets sad. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..plays………… Raman wants to go to her, and a man comes to talk to Raman. He says you are my first boss, I m happy to meet you, I left my job and joined Bansal, and Raman says you reached here by your hardwork. Ashok comes with Mrs. Tandon. Raman looks at them. The man says is this Mr Khanna’s wife. Raman says no, he is interested in other’s wife.

Ashok introduces Shweta to Mrs. Jhakad. He sees Ishita and eyes her wearing the gown. He goes to Ishita and smiles. He compliments her beauty, her gown is very beautiful. Raman sees Ashok with Ishita, Raman is a lucky guy, you are alone and sad in this beautiful party, I will get a drink. She refuses him. Raman fumes and goes to them. Ashok says your husband is coming, I have to talk to him. Ashok tells Raman that his wife is stunning today, I can’t get my eyes off her, I have to say I think she is changing, she wears sarees normally, she worn gown today, see her figure. Raman asks him to worry about himself.

Ashok asks him to understand his point, he is not saying about dress, but Ishita Bhabhiji, she is trying to fit in this party, this might be the change Raman, I met like this to your first wife Shagun and talks dirty. Raman asks him to get lost from the party. The man says Bansal is calling Raman, and takes him. Shweta asks Ashok was he talking with Raman. Ashok says yes, sorry I did not say Raman will be here. She says I don’t care.

Ishita sees Raman and thinks why is Raman not seeing her, she is sure she is not looking so bad. She gets shocked seeing Shweta Tandon with Ashok. She comes to Raman. The men tell Raman that his wife is very beautiful. Raman asks really, and drinks more wine. Ishita says she has to say something. Raman says later. Jhakad smiles. She cries.

Mihika and Vandu talk about Ishita. Mihika says Raman and Ishita looked upset, I hope they are enjoying. She calls Ishita. She asks about the party. Vandu and Mihika joke. Jhakad says they should have a dance now, and Bansal agrees saying their wives would be bored. He asks Raman to call his wife. Raman says no. Bansal insists. Vandu asks Raman to make the most of it, as they are together. Ishita asks Mihika to come and take her, and music starts, Mihika does not hear her. Ishita says she will call later and ends call. Vandu says don’t worry, she might be enjoying.

Bansal asks Raman to ask Ishita for a dance, you are very lucky to get chance to dance with a pretty wife. Raman forwards hand, and she holds his hand. They dance on the song Aashiyana…………Tu jo mila…………..He stays annoyed and dances roughly. Ashok observes Raman’s rudeness. Ishita cries and asks him whats the matter. He says you are also like others, Shagun was also such, she used to enjoy people praising her, then she changed and left me. He goes and she goes. Shweta looks at Raman. Ashok sends Shweta to Raman and she tries getting close to Raman, asking him for a dance.

He moves her hands off him and she insists. Raman dances with her, and Ishita cries seeing them. Ashok goes to Ishita and says this is not right, I think Raman got more interesting company than you, don’t worry, I will not leave you alone, dance with me. She goes. Ashok thinks it will be great if Raman’s both wives become mine and smiles. Ashok sees her crying.

Ishita cries in the party. Ashok sees her and spikes her drink, by bribing the waiter. He says I will see Bhalla family, when they know what I do with their respect/bahu. He holds Ishita and asks her to come with him, she will feel better and like it. Ishita gets dizzy.

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