Balika Vadhu 5th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jagya calling Akhiraj and asks him to come to haveli instead of his office. Akhiraj agrees and sits in his jeep again. He enquires with the man standing on the road, outside Shiv Niketan. Anandi is seen talking to a lady and misses to see him. Dadisaa talks to Anandi and asks her to send tender files. Anandi says she will bring files and will meet her too. Dadisaa says okay. She talks to Mannu about his studies. Mannu says he is getting late and goes to get ready. Just then Akhiraj comes there and asks can I come in? Dadisaa turns to see him and says come inside. Akhiraj greets her and introduces himself as Akhiraj Singh. Dadisaa says she feels as if she saw him before. Akhiraj says I don’t think we have met before. He says MLA Saheb called me here and asks her to call him. Dadisaa calls Jagya. Jagya comes and asks Akhiraj to come. He takes him upstairs. Dadisaa looks at Akhiraj and thinks she has seen him before.

Kamli opens the door and finds some masked goons barging in the house. Kamli shouts maa. The goons asks where is he? They search in the house and tells that he is not here. One of the goon warns Pushkar’s mum to explain to her husband Shankar to give them share in the property else they will kill Pushkar and Shankar have to give him fire. Kamli recalls the attacks on Pushkar. Pushkar’s mum looks on scared.

Jagya tells Akhiraj that child marriages and child education are the important issues which needs to be dealth with. Akhiraj thinks this is sheer nonsense and I have to bear his nonsense. Jagya asks him to build a school in Jhalra school, so that children in his village can get education. Akhiraj agrees and says he will open a school soon. Ganga comes with tea. Akhiraj stares her.

Jagya asks him to have tea and go. Akhiraj drinks the tea. Jagya introduces Ganga as his wife. Akhiraj looks on smilingly.

Anandi comes to haveli and Mannu greets her before going to school. Akhiraj is still in haveli and tells Jagya that he will build school soon. Jagya says he will come there. Anandi is walking towards upstairs, but Mannu comes back and stops Anandi asking her to drop him to school. Anandi says okay and asks the servant to give file to Dadisaa. Akhiraj comes out and sees Anandi leaving, but didn’t see her face.

Anandi starts the car. Akhiraj gets busy with a phone call, and then leaves in his jeep. Anandi reads a letter written by her teacher ji. She asks the guy Kishore that she is glad that he was educated by her teacher. Kishore tells that he wants to give education to kids. Anandi tells about the nearby villages. Kishore selects Jhalra village. Ganga tells Jagya that Akhiraj is not seems to be a nice man. Jagya says he talks more, but did so much for his village. Dadisaa tells that she has seen him before also, and shares her doubt with him. Jagya says he will enquire about him. He gets a call and tells that he is going to office soon. Ganga and Dadisaa looks on tensedly.

Nimboli eats something. Urmila asks what you are hiding? She opens the box and gets punching toy. Urmila decides to teach her a lesson. Akhiraj asks who will be the first child to be admitted in this school, while giving speech. Nimboli says she will take. Everyone looks on. .

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