Jamai Raja 5th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with someone asking the sisters of groom and bride to perform for sangeet. Krutika says she can’t perform as her leg is sprained. Someone asks Sam to start dancing. Sid interrupts and says Krutika will surely perform. Simran praises her children’s love. He dances on the song Hello Hello…..along with Krutika. Raj calls Simran to dance with them. They join the youngsters and dance. Roshni joins Sid and dances with him. Raj says we have fun. Krutika tells Simran that her bandage is opened, so she is going to washroom to tie it. The announcement is made for Roshni and Sid’s performance. Nani Maasi asks Roshni to make her husband bend infront of her. Krutika gets tablets ( which is taken in the pregnancy) in the washroom( strange! Isn’t it.) and opines that Roshni is pregnant.

Sid and Roshni dance romantically on the song Sun Saathiya Mahiya Barsade………..Krutika comes to Simran and shows her pregnancy pills. Simran tells that it means Roshni is pregnant. Simran calls Sid, but he is busy in dancing with Roshni. Sid makes Roshni take rounds while dancing. DD comes and stops Roshni from falling. Roshni feels dizzy. DD asks Sid can’t you hold Roshni right? Sid says what you are saying? DD says she is unwell since 2 days. Bua Dadi asks what is the matter? Simran asks Roshni, are you alright? Bua Dadi asks Sid to take care of Roshni and scolds him. She says she is making an issue unneccessarily and asks everyone to have food.

Simran tells DD that only a mum can understand about the safety measures to be taken in pregnancy. She says Krutika went to washroom and saw the pregnancy tablets. She says you have kept it as a secret, and says Bua Dadi and Nani Maasi will not understand this. She says I think you have agreed for the marriage because of this pregnancy. She says we are very happy with the pregnancy news and hopes this will bring peace and happiness between them. DD says I hope so. Simran says lets go and have dinner. DD smiles, but is still tensed.

Sid and Roshni talk on phone and he says he can’t wait any longer for her. Simran talks to Bua Dadi. Bua Dadi says girl’s family should take care of us and badmouths about their hospitality. She says DD wears costly sarees even after her husband’s death, and gave us cheap sarees as a gift. Sid speaks up and tells that DD wears classy sarees. He tells that DD sent sarees from a costly store, and the sarees are very costly. He asks her to come with him for shopping. Bua Dadi says Sid has been misbehaving with her.

Sid apologizes to her. Simran asks her to forgive him. She asks Krutika to give turmeric to apply on Sid. Sid calls Jigna and asks her to talk to DD and Nani. Jigna hears DD saying Shiv is returning and tells ghost……Sid says you can’t do Jigna ji and disconnects the call.

DD scolds Sid and Roshni. Roshni faints. DD says she shouldn’t faint in this condition. Sid asks in which condition? He asks her to reply.

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