Reporters 5th August 2015 Written Episode

Ananya in cafteria with Kabeer cries that Malvika purposefully got their pics clicked by someone and sent it to Shreya. He says even he knows that, but they cannot do anything about it. He calms her down.. Sunny enters and tells Ananya whole office knows about her affair with Kabeer except him. Kabeer tries to calm him down. Sunny says if he speaks anything now, he may restricate him. Kabeer says he is not dared to remove Ananya’s friend, else she will restrict him as her boyfriend. Ananya speaks she will speak to Sunny. Kabeer makes him sit and leaves.

Khalid tells Malvika that whole staff knows that she is behind pictures and asks if she is dumb or acting dumb. Malvika denies. Khalid says if she tries to trouble KKN, he will not spare her. Malvika asks what proof he has. Kabeer enters and says once he gets proof, she will repent for her mistake. He throws her pen holder and says he knows what he is, he is the one who does not enter home and hit, but hit mind directly and kill brain. Malvika gets afraid.

Ananya calms Sunny and he starts discussing about reports. Shreya calls her and she enters her cabin. Shreya consoles her and starts praising her qualities as a reporter. She says she is hot headed and has perfect qualities of senior reporter.

Kabeer walks back into office and asks Ronnie if all is well. Ronnie nods yes. Baby congratulates him and goes back to her desk. Sunny discusses with Baby about Kabeer’s and Ananya’s love story and how they hid it from everyone. Baby says she knew it already. Sunny says she was even relating Richa and ronnie, but her prediction was wrong. He tries to express his love for her. She walks. He reminisces SRK’s dialogues and murmurs Palat…palat. She turns. He shouts jai shahrukh babaji…Baby smiles at him and leaves.

Ananya gets into Kabeer’s cabin and tells what Shreya told. Kabeer says he is confused if Shreya is more dangerous or Malvika. She asks what does he mean. He says she got impressed from Shreya, but he is not yet. She asks him to stop thinking negative and let positive things as positive, Shreya handled everything so maturely and when they are professionals here, they should not let Shreya conquer their personal lives.

Precap: Ananya asks Richa to stop interfering her personal life. Kabeer enters and asks Ananya what happened. Richa thanks him for making her best friend as enemy..

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