Swaragini 5th August 2015 Written Episode

Dida slaps Ragini and asks what did she do with Swara. She asks why did you betrayed Swara. Sumi asks when did you come out of coma? Dadi asks Dida why she is blaming Ragini. Ragini asks Dida to sit down and rest, and acts innocent. Dida says she is not weak and maa Durga will protect her. She asks her to think about herself as she will tell her truth. Dida tells Dadi that her upbringing was good, but Ragini’s love has blinded her. Dadi asks why you are saying nonsense. She tells Sumi that she wanted to tell her something that day. She tells in a flashback about Sanskar and Ragini’s tie up in the conspiracy about the MMS of Laksh and Swara. Everyone is shocked. Ragini cries and acts innocent. Dida asks Dadi to believe her, and says Swara is innocent.

Sanskar asks Swara to get up. Doctor says you can’t take him. Sanskar calls Laksh, but he disconnects the call hearing his voice. Sanskar calls Durga Prasad, but Laksh asks him not to pick his call. Sanskar calls Sujata and she tells him that Dida gained consciousness and exposed Ragini. She asks him to bring Swara fast. Doctor tells Sanskar that he can’t take Swara from there. Swara says it is okay and she will manage. She says she has to go and have to question her sister. She says she wants to know since when she has become her enemy, and wants to know since when she has become selfish.

Sanskar asks her to come with him, and asks her to step her feet down. Doctor says she is still weak. Sanskar asks her to come on, get up. The nurse informs her that car is ready. Sanskar says he will drive it. The doctor asks nurse to change her dress, and asks Sanskar to give her tablet after 10 mins. Swara tells Sanskar that her head is paining and she can’t walk. Sanskar lifts her in his arms and starts walking. He tells that she has to reach home at the moment. He tries to get in lift, but it is not working. He gets down through the stairs and gets hurt, but stays silent.

Swara sees his wound and asks him to go back to hospital to get his wound dressing. Sanskar refuses and says he will take her to baadi. He starts driving the car. Dadi tells that it is all lie. Ragini tells that I was taught to agree to elders’ sayings. If you think I am wrong, then I am wrong. She says if you think that I am guilty then I am ready to accept it. She asks her to sit and says if you think this is my mistake then it is okay. I am ready to take the blame on myself, if Swara’s mistake are shadowed under it. Sumi asks Ragini, why did you do this with Swara? Dadi asks Sumi, what you are doing? Sumi says my Ragini would take 100’s blame on her, but will never show favor for it. She says she is making Nani feel that she is hiding Swara’s mistakes. She says Ragini is guilty and she is not my Ragini.

Shekhar asks her to shut up and asks how can you blame Ragini for Swara’s doings. Sumi says Swara can’t do this. Shekhar says my Ragini will die before doing this. Sumi asks do you want to say that my mum is lying. Dadi says your mum is lying and raising a question on my upbringing. Swara and Sanskar are in the car. Swara wonders about the happenings at the marriage function. Sanskar asks her to drink tablet. He tells we will reach there fast. Dida says why would I blame Ragini without any reason. Dadi says you can go to any extent to save Swara. Dida says no. Dadi blames Sumi and Dida for blaming Ragini and trying to prove Swara innocent. Sumi asks her to open up and see. Shekhar asks Sumi to stop it, and talk with respect.

Ragini acts to commit suicide and says her death body will come out from the room. Everyone asks her to open the door. Swara comes to the marriage altar and is shocked to see something( most probably Laksh and Ragini’s marriage)..

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