Tere Sheher Mein 5th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gajanand asking Rachita and Amaya to leave the jobs, whats the need to work. Rachita says she joined 2 days before. Amaya says she got promotion today. He asks them not to work and leave jobs. Amaya asks Sneha to say something, and says if Neeti does not work, its her decision, how can we leave the job, who will support our family expenses. Gajanand says now you don’t need to work for expenses, I m here now. Amaya says their families merged, but not their homes, they are trying to make their new identity, its not about money.

She says if Nana ji gives us lakhs of money, will we go back to Mumbai, Sneha also works us to work and manage home. He says Sneha never worked, no need for daughters to work. Amaya says I wish daughters were allowed to work in our house, mum would have helped my dad in business, she would have know his business problems and helped him, dad would have been alive between us now. Sneha cries.

She asks him to think. He says he is there with them. Amaya says time never stays same, dad was also there with us and left us. She asks can’t they earn money for the family, would he say the same if they were his grandsons. She requests him to please let them do their duties. He says he understood by their silence, that they all are with Amaya, what can he do now, he has explained them, but they have to be careful, when girl goes out, they have responsibility of their family’s respect, they have to not ruin their respect.

Amaya promises she won’t let their respect spoil and wants their promise that he will always support them, and bless them. He laughs and asks them to come and have food. They all smile. Mantu takes care of Uma and asks Chiklu to see that she finished the soup. She sends Chiklu to play. He holds Mantu and he takes Amaya’s name. She asks him to have soup. He refuses. He says he is hurt in this love, he loves Amaya a lot, he is restless.

Uma tells about Shravan puja, Amaya said something. He asks what did she say. She says she can’t hurt him, and can’t lie. She says Amaya said she will never love any guy of Banaras, sorry but you have to accept truth. He says Amaya has changed, I have seen in her eyes, I can’t be wrong, I will not lose so soon, you are mistaken. She says you are in love and seeing this, what if she does not love you. He says he will listen to his heart. She says fine, if she gets annoyed and hurts your self esteem, then? You will lose her friendship too.

He says no, I will not let this happen, I won’t lose my self esteem even for my true love, I can accept Amaya to stay as my friend, but I can’t stay without her in my life, what shall I do. She says I understand, you make her helpless to make her admit that she loves you. He says yes, if she tells me, I won’t need to think, I will tell her that I love her, how will this happen. He says she is his true friend and hugs her thankfully. He goes. She says Mantu is her love, Amaya and Mantu can’t unite till she is there.

Gajanand talks to pandit and asks him to do vaastu, so that their home is peaceful and asks him to keep puja tomorrow. Kaushalya tells the same to Sneha. Gajanand says yes, and asks Amaya and Rachita to take leave tomorrow. Uma brings Mantu to the temple, and insists. Sneha asks Amaya to understand the puja is for their peaceful home, Gajanand will be glad. Amaya agrees. They all come to the temple. Gajanand asks Amaya to know about house traditions, Neeti does Durga puja alone, all girls should know. Mantu and Amaya feel each other’s presence.

Uma instigates Mantu. Mantu goes to Amaya and smiles.

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