Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ragini’s mom suggesting her to move ahead with Aman and marry him. Ragini looks at 12 o’clock and tells Agam and Aarav’s birthday started and hopes she could prepare cake for them as usual. Mom says she is meeting Arav tomorrow anyways and can cut cake with him.

Nishi with Jignesh enters holding cake and says she used to cut cake with Aarav every year and taunts that some people must have forgotten even Aarav’s birthday. Aman asks her to behave with Ragini. She asks if she needs his permission to talk to her mom. Jignesh opens cake box. Ragini asks nishi to cut it. She says she will not. Jignesh say she will but gets a call and leaves. Agam calls her and on video chats tells he will miss her cake this birthday and says he cannot meet her this time.

Ragini gets emotions and runs into her room. She reminisces both Agam and Aarav’s words and cries vigorously holding Arav’s words.

Neil comes to Agam’s room, apologizes for breaking his mobile and gives his mobile. Pam, Suhani, Karan and Dimpy enter with cake wishing him Agam happy birthday. Agam cuts cake and happily serves everyone. Door bell rings and constables comes for Neil. Pam shouts at him that he cannot meet Neil and should speak to Neil’s lawyer and shuts door on his face.

Door bell rings again. Pam angrily opens and sees sunny standing with cake. Sunny says Ragini prepared cake for Agam. Sunny yells that nobody here will need Ragini or her cake and asks her to get out. Sunny jokes, but Pam says though her joke is good, she cannot accept Ragini’s cake and asks her to inform Ragini to stay away from her family. Sunny walks back and messages Suhani that she is sending cake via pappu panwala. Pam tells Agam what she did and asks him to stay away from Ragini. Pappu panwala rings bell and says he brought cake order. Pam asks who sent it. Suhani says Karthik ordered it and accepts cake.

Ragini reaches jail with food for Arav and excitedly tells Aman that Arav may get angry but will eventually accept her. Jailer comes and informs that Neil took Arav. She asks how can he release Arav before term and send him with Neil. Jailer says Neil’s lawyer was very clever and had done good paper work, she used very good clauses and got Agam released. Ragini’s ego gets hurt and she calls Neil to ask how can he take her son, but Nivedita cuts her call. She calls back. Nivedita informs Neil that Ragini is calling, picks call and says Neil cannot talk to her as he is riding. Ragini asks her to tell Neil to take care to a side and speak to her. Nivedita cuts call.

Ragini then calls Ranbir and says Neil will be bringing Arav home in sometime and asks him to inform Neil to call her back. Ranbir fumes and asks Pam how can dad bring Arav here, either Arav will stay here or him. Pam asks if he is irked as Ragini called him or Arav is released. She says Arav has completed his punishment and has right to be free. She smirks and thinks Neil taught Ragini a nice lesson.

Jignesh thanks his friend Leena for convincing her fiance to invest in his business. She says she is his childhood friend and his fiance will benefit from it instead. He says he invested a lot in this business and only informed his dad, if it fails, he will be on road. Leena says he will succeed. They both sit in car and leave. Sunny spies him and records them getting into car. She thinks Jignesh is betraying Nishi.

Neil brings Aarav home and calls whole family. Whole family greets him happy birthday. Ranbir comes and they all get tensed. Ranbir wishes him happy birthday and welcome back and hugs him. Everyone smile. Agam asks Arav if he informed mom/Ragini that he came here. Neil says there is no need to inform Ragini as Arav will start his new life in America, wishes him welcome home and happy birthday.

Precap: Ragini reaches Neil’s home and gets happy seeing Aarav. Agam gets angry seeing her.

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