Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th August 2015 Written Episode

Manik is shaken at what Aaliya said Cabir tells him that they cannot take Aaliya’s words for granted as she is suffering from depression but Manik said that did he see Aaliya and she left the Fb5 five and she took this decision. Manik says that she ws suffering from depression because they gave her that and Manik says that they do not know this. Cabir says that it is alright and she will come back and it ws an emotional outburst and she will come back and he asks Mukti who also agrees saying that in her condition these things are common in Melima Manik asks Dhruv that does he feel that whatAaliya said is right Cabir says on his behalf but Dhruv does not like this and says that he can speak for himself and gets angry Cabir tries to calm him down but he gets angry even more then Manik asks hi what he thought and he says that Aaliya was right and Manik since had Nandhani always sidelined them and the Fab 5 and always pushed them down he also said that they should be called Manik and the gang but Cabir says that Manik was always there for them and did he forget that he was afraid of stage and facing the audience but Manik gave him confidence and was a shield for him but but Dhruv says that Manik always tried to make hm seem weaker and then he says that he does not need anyone of them and leaves. Manik Cabir and Mukti are sitting and Manik that he did not know that his friends were s angry with him and then he starts throwing things down and leaves saying that this is the end of the fab 5 Cabir and Mukti are also crying.
Manik leaves and is sitting on a roof he picks up the keychain and says that this is the end the end of fab 5 and it was all because of him and he throws it away.
Mukti says that is it really the end of fab5 but Cabir says that it is not and they will come back stronger at least till he is here.
Manik receives a call from Nandhani who says that she has something for him and is coming to meet him but he says to tell him and she says that she has a suprise for hm but Manik says that he is done with surprises and everything and ends the call Nandhnai thinks that weather Manik is alright and is this about Aryaman.
Cabir and Mukti come searching for Manik and Cabir while catching his breath sees him on the top of the house and they both go to him. Cabir asks him what is he doing and did he quit he also says that the Maanik he knew was not a quitter. Manik asks him to stop and that he is tired of fighting. He says that he will not and steps up but then he says that he lost everything and does not have anything to say then Mukti screams loud, Manik Cabir and Mukti do it together again. They were sitting at the corner of the roof, Manik thanks Mukti that he feels better. Cabir says to Manik that Aaliya and Dhruv are lost, but Manik has very little part played into it. Cabir asks Manik to listen to his two conditions, only then he can give a solution to them. Manik agrees with difficulty, Cabir says that he and Mukti will plan everything and Manik must not tell Nandini about it, whatever happened between fab5 must not get to Nandini. Manik asks if they also think he prioritize Nandini? Cabir says that Nandini will get worried and go to apologize Aaliya and Dhruv about it, secondly it will adversely effect Navya and Nandini’s performance of Talent Hunt. Manik agrees saying he just want those idiots back in their lives, Cabir and Mukti say they will be back soon.
Neonika gets Aryaman’s call, she says to him that if he is still in the game, Nandini and Manik are celebration and he is just burning his hand. Aryaman says he called because he wants Manik to get to a particular place, she must make sure he arrive there. He just wants to see something, else Manik will do everything himself. Neonika says this sounds interesting, but he must keep in mind that Manik and Nandini’s relation have seen a lot. A peon brings Aryaman a pack of red chilli, he mix it in water and drinks it.
Nandini meets Cabir and Mukti in the corridor and asks if everything is fine between Manik and fab5 as Manik is really upset. Cabir says that he must be planning some surprise for her, otherwise all is good. Nandini thinks if it is Aryaman. She runs upstairs. Cabir and Mukti discuss that Manik will control the situation. Nandini comes upstairs, Manik stood with his back on. Nandini says that I am really sorry, I wanted to tell you everything about Aryaman but couldn’t. She hugs him from the back, he turns and she finds he had earphones on. Manic smiles at her, he says he was listening to tract for talent hunt.

PRECAP: Nandini says to Manik that he isn’t fine, what has happened. Manik tells Nandini that it is no one but our Fab5’s problem, we will solve it ourselves.

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