Jamai Raja 6th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Roshni coming to sit in her haldi ceremony. Nani Maasi says a girl glows in pregnancy or in haldi. Nani says our Roshni is always glowing. Krutika compliments her. Nani Maasi says she will apply haldi first. A veiled woman comes and stops her. Nani Maasi says who is this tribal woman, bloody middle class. Krutika apologizes and says she is elderly woman from my Pind/village. Old woman says who will apply haldi on Roshni first. She says she will apply. Old woman starts coughing. Nani Maasi gets irked and says disgusting. DD asks to take her to bathroom. Jigna tries to spy, Kesar scolds her and asks her to do work. Nani asks to start with the rituals. Nani Masi applies haldi on Roshn’s face. Krutika asks her to clean her face and they will take selfie. She goes inside and sees Sid. Sid says surprise (old woman turns out to be Sid).

Roshni says it is obvious. He says he has the right to apply haldi on her first. He applies haldi on her hand sensually……Roshni closes her eyes and feels his touch. Mere Rubaru Plays…………………Sid is about to kiss her, when Nani Maasi calls her. Roshni asks him to go. Sid says he will not and asks what is cooking between the ladies. Roshni says nothing. Nani Maasi thinks Roshni is wasting time in her room and is going towards their room.

DD asks the servant to keep the shoes at a side. She understands that the old woman is Sid by looking at his shoes. She comes there and asks Sid to think about the situation. She reminds them of the insult because of Nani Maasi and Bua Dadi. Roshni feels dizzy and gets unconscious. DD asks her to be careful. Sid calls her name. DD says it is not right to get unconscious in this condition. Sid asks what has happened to Roshni and wakes her up. Roshni gets up. DD asks Sid to go from there and not trouble her. Sid says he didn’t know that Roshni would faint with his joke. DD says you are also in immature mood, and asks him to be serious. She says old ladies are guests in the function and may create problems. She repeats if Roshni or her ba (baby)…..she then says if anything happens to her then she will not bear. Sid apologizes. DD asks him to go home and come as a groom in the night. Sid thinks they are hiding something from me.

After Sid leaves, Roshni tells DD that Sid has to know being her baby’s father. DD says if we tell anything to him. That old ladies might know about it, and create problem in the marriage. She says we have to keep silent till you gets married. Raj talks to someone and tells Simran that they have a low profile wedding for Sid and Roshni. He says media will hype the marriage and the recent happenings. Simran says you are saying right. Bua Dadi says my nose will be cut if media don’t come. Simran says we shall tell this to DD. Bua Dadi asks Simran not to inform DD as it is their decision. She says people should know about our prestige, and says media will come for sure.

Roshni gets ready as a bride and wears the ghunghat. DD helps her. Simran helps Sid as he gets ready for the marriage. Sid says he don’t believe that the day has come when they will be together. Roshni tells DD that she will unite with Sid, and have his baby inside. She says she will tell him and he will be very happy. Roshni tells that he loves her very much and no one could have ever loved her that much.

Beeji tells that a pregnant lady can’t take the rounds. Nani says we can’t change the rituals according to our preference. DD looks on.

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