Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhabho justifying her decision. She says she will talk to Sooraj. Babasa asks her to be careful and reminds Sooraj’s state when they tried to tell him the truth. She says I m his mum, I will do this for his good. She goes to Sooraj and sees the video of Shiv ji’s play. Sooraj smiles and talks to Sandhya, while being alone. He compliments her that she looked good as Sati and Parvati, she did good that she did not let anyone else become Parvati, be it play or life, you are with me for seven births. Bhabho hears him and thinks Emily said right, its diya and baati togetherness, Sooraj won’t agree for marriage.

She comes to him and asks whats he seeing. He says Shiv ji’s play, come and sit. She says play your marriage video, I will see that. He says fine, and plays it. He says see, I m looking so happy. She asks him to come, and relive this happiness, and asks will he marry third time, as Ved complained he did not attend his parent’s marriage, you married for second time for Sandhya’s wish, and this time marry for Ved’s wish. Sooraj says I have no objection to marry Sandhya again, idea is good, and asks Sandhya is she ready to marry him again. Bhabho thinks she is lying for his better life, and cries.

Sooraj says he will marry Sandhya 1000times, but on one condition, he will do all the arrangements. He says Sandhya is also ready, and hugs Bhabho. She cries seeing Sooraj and leaves. Emily says we learnt from you Bhabho to keep relations, you say that marriage foundation should never be kept on lie, how can you make this marriage on lie, Sooraj has Sandhya’s name on his heart, can you hide his love from Lalima, tell me. Bhabho says I know, Sooraj still loves Sandhya, the truth is Sandhya’s love is responsible for his state, her love has given him the pain, what shall I do, if Sandhya left him, he takes Sandhya’s name even today, but time is the mighty, you see Sooraj will take Lalima’s name one day.She says Sooraj and Sandhya can’t be together, but Lalima will always stany by Sooraj. Sandhya makes a heart and writes S S in the flour.

Chandu comes to her and asks her to come in the special play where all secrets will come out. She asks what secrets. He says like last time. The boy comes and gives her kada. Chandu asks her to drink it. She drinks it. He thinks her truth and real identity, motives will come out. She says its bitter. He says its medicine, drink it. He asks her to come with Sajni and leaves. Sandhya drinks more and gets drunk. Chandu looks on. She thinks whats happening to her, she feels weak and dizzy. He says now her secrets will be out. Vikram tells Meenakshi that she can’t even thread the needle. She says Lalima knows stitching well, Sooraj will marry her, I will make Lalima do all the work. Ved hears this and runs to ask Bhabho, about getting Sooraj remarried.

Ved says I did everything what you said, and did not take mum’s name when I missed her, don’t bring anyone in my mum’s place, please and cries. She says I know you are very hurt by this, but Sooraj is in bad state, you will wish to see your dad fine, I m doing this to make your dad fine. They cry. She says when Sooraj saw Lalima in temple, he has smiled after long time, Lalima can keep him happy and make him fine, understand me, accept Lalima as your new mum for Sooraj’s sake. Ved hugs her and cries.

Lalima is unable to focus on work and smiles. She sees her and Sooraj’s pics, and says Sooraj and Lalima. Sajni comes to see Sagarika and gets stunned seeing her wear jewelry, bangles and says what will happen now, she is drunk.

Chandu says everyone clap for the next great dance. Sandhya comes there and says she will dance today. Sandhya wears red bridal dress. Chandu thinks her secret will be out. Everyone say she looks drunk. Manjari gets angry. Chandu asks is she drunk, what happened to her, go home. Sandhya says she will tell her truth today, do they think she is Sagarika, she is not Sagarika, do they want to know who she is, she will tell them…. Chandu looks on.

Sandhya dances on the song Honto pe aisi baat……….. She says do they want to know who she is, she will tell them….

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