Swaragini 6th August 2015 Written Episode

Shekhar blames Sumi for differentiating between Swara and Ragini, as the latter is not her own blood. Dadi says you are right and badmouths about her. Sumi tells Dadi that Ragini is lying. Ragini runs to room. Laksh goes after her showing concern. Swara tells Sanskar that they have to go from other way as the way is closed. Sanskar says it will take more time. Police stops them and asks Sanskar to show licence. Sanskar says he doesn’t have now. Swara says she will manage and take auto or lift Sanskar says it will take 3-4 hours for you to reach home. Swara says she will manage. She gets a lift from someone. She reaches home and sees people taking the decorations from there.

Swara sees the decorations and sees the havand kund. She goes to her house and sees Shekhar sitting sadly. She asks what is happening here and where they went? She tells Ragini has changed so much. Shekhar asks her not to blame Ragini for her mistakes. She says Ragini was blamed while trying to protect you. She says what you are saying? Shekhar says a child is the bridge between a father and a mother, but now you have separated us. She asks what did I do? Shekhar says he can’t hear her lie anymore and his family will never forgive her for her doings. Swara asks what do you mean? I am also your family naa. She says wrong has happened with me by Ragini. I will clear everything, call her.

Shekhar closes the door and asks her not to show her face again. Sumi hears Swara voice and comes to her from Dida’s house. Sumi calls her Shona….Swara runs to her and hugs her. They cry. Sumi asks are you alright? Sumi asks where did you went without informing us. Swara asks her to tell first, where is Ragini? She asks where is everyone? She asks why Shekhar is behaving her rudely and blamed her for breaking the family. Sumi tells her that Shekhar has broken relation with her. Swara is shocked and looked at her forehead and neck, as it is without sindoor and mangalsutra.

Swara stops Sumi and sees Dida fine. Dida gets happy seeing her. Swara hugs her and cries. Swara says you have got well. Dida cries and says she couldn’t make things fine. Swara asks what you are saying? Dida asks where did you go? Swara asks what happened here, and papa gave her photo frame. She asks why no one is saying? Dida says Ragini is the answer for your every question. She tells that Ragini told everyone that Sanskar is not mad. Durga Prasad kicked him out. She says Laksh gets video message from her, confessing to have taken the drugs. Ragini telling that Swara needs a second chance. She tells that she slapped Ragini. Shekhar and Sumi’s argument. Ragini goes to room. Swara asks what happened then? Laksh and everyone ask her to open the door. Ragini gets the table and dupatta to hang herself.

Shekhar, Laksh and others ask her to open the door. Ragini tells Shekhar that she can’t see her family breaking and please let her die. Laksh asks her not to commit suicide. Shekhar asks her to talk sensible. Ragini says she will die and her dead body will come out now. Shekhar asks Sumi, how can you see Ragini dying. Ragini tells them that everyone will think Ragini is just pretending. She says she always thought about everyone’s betterment and got this insult. She says who will marry me now and blackmails Laksh. She says she saw a dream and her alliance got fixed with him, but was broken again and again. She says my life plays hide and seek with me, and I can’t bear anymore. Today I was blamed that I did wrong with my sister. She says she can’t bear anymore, and have to die. Dada ji asks her to get down. Ragini starts acting and ties dupatta on the fan. She waits for Laksh to speak up. Laksh looks on stunned.

No Precap.

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