Tere Sheher Mein 6th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mantu and Amaya seeing each other. They smile. She thinks he has come in her room at night, tell me Mantu that you love me. Uma sees Amaya and turns Mantu, asking whats this madness. Mantu says its fate that brought her infront of me, I have seen love in her eyes, I have to tell her. Uma says no, its not fate, she just came here, and stops him. She convinces him for not going. Mantu walks by Amaya and she gets sad.

Mantu bumps into Gajanand. Gajanand identifies him and asks what is he doing here. Mantu asks why, can’t I come here. Gajanand says what is he doing at puja items shop. Sneha comes and praises Mantu. She invites him in puja tomorrow. Gajanand says I don’t want to tell Sneha, don’t do anything tomorrow, else… He leaves. Uma asks Amaya to stop wasting time and tells about her marriage with Mantu in few days.

Amaya says I believe on my love, Mantu will come to me. Uma asks her not to break her promise and confess love. Amaya says my love is not so weak. They have an argument. Uma sees Mantu and asks Amaya about unique stupid people in Banaras. Amaya taunts Uma and Mantu hears it. He asks Uma to come. Amaya asks Mantu will he come in puja, as mum invited him. He says no, as you did not invite me, do you wish me to come? Amaya says but mum invited you, its same. He says its not same, as…. I have much work, I won’t come. She gets sad and leaves. Uma fills poison in his mind. Mantu asks Uma to leave it, he does not care.

Rachita talks to her students and dismisses the class. Rama talks to her and says he is glad that her family united with her granddad. She says thanks. He says its good to solve problems, he feels his words are annoying her, so he will not trouble her now and goes. Rachita talks to Amaya at home, and says don’t know why mum called Rama, she feels uncomfortable by his presence. Amaya wishes Mantu comes. Rachita goes to sleep. Amaya sees her phone.

Mantu asks Amaya to give a sign, her one message or call, he will come running to her, till she tells him, he won’t say her, he is waiting for her I love you. Rudra is caught by police. Dev meets him and says his details. He says his crimes and scares him of punishment. Rudra says Dev Babu. The inspector says he broke laws and can go in for 7 years. Dev says he will free him off the punishment. Rudra says he did not do anything. Dev asks him to join drama company, fool Sneha, I also want this, as enemy’s enemy is a friend, so I m offering you to become my partner. Rudra agrees. Dev asks him to do as he says.

Amaya gets ready and Jaz compliments her. Sneha is seeing arrangements. Kaushalya asks Rudra to smile and work, else Gajanand will kick them out. Rama’s mum and dad argue over Mathurs’ puja. Rama comes coughing and says he has caught cold. His mum says she will stay with Rama, he can get ill. Rama says I m fine, we will go. Gajanand talks to Pushpa and says he called few people.

Sneha compliments Dimple on her saree. Amaya waits for Mantu and Jaz asks for whom is he waiting. Uma makes guest list for puja, and Mantu is waiting for Amaya’s call. Uma gets angry and takes his call, making him busy. He makes the list and she limits him from taking Amaya’s call.

Jaz tells Amaya that Mantu’s phone is not connecting, what if he does not come. Rama asks Mantu to come.

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