Manmarziyan 6th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika coming in the hall. Arjun recalls their marriage. He hears some sound and rushes to see. He sees Radhika in kitchen and asks her can’t she do any work well. She says it was dark, and did not see light switch. He asks why, she is light herself. She says she is trying, and assures that one day darkness has to run away. She sees the spark like toaster and says she was making a toast. He says move, and calls her a problem. The fuse goes and he says he met her on the worst day of his life.

Arjun lights the candle and it blows off by the air. Radhika gets umbrella while it rains. She says fuse blew off because of her so she came to help. Khwaishon pe likhi…………plays………….. She lights the candle and he looks at her. She says sometimes darkness needs light, you might have understood this if you were a good person. He takes the candle and checks the fuse box. He fails to repair it and asks her to stay in darkness, electrician will repair it in morning, is she get afraid of darkness. She says till my parent’s blessings are with me, the light of my heart…. He says shut up, light candle with that light.

He asks her to get lost from his home or move off his way. She says our way is same now. He says he will not leave her, if she comes where he is. She goes and a lamp falls. He holds the lamp and looks at her. He makes sandwiches and gives her. She takes it and stops. He asks her to eat it, he has mixed good poison, she will die soon. She opens it and checks. He says its better that I die than staying with you, don’t worry, there is no plan to kill you, you will run before it, eat it.

She asks why did he make plan to kill Sam. He says you don’t know anything, I m too much, but not a murderer. He goes to his room and recalls her words. She recalls his words and Nandini’s words that Arjun planned to kill Sam. He recalls Radhika’s words.

Its morning, Arjun opens eyes and sees Radhika coming from the bath, wearing his clothes and getting tea for him. She smiles and greets him good morning. She puts her wet hair on his face. He wakes up from this dream and says she reaches everywhere, and is thinking of her words. He goes to see Nandini. Radhika sits sad and recalls Sam’s annoyance.

Arjun asks Nandini to have food and medicines and not hurt herself because of Radhika. Nandini refuses. Radhika hears them. Nandini says things can’t get fine as he has married Radhika. He says everything will be fine, have medicines. Nandini says I won’t, I can’t see her victory. Arjun says her victory will be her biggest failure. She asks him to promise he won’t be trapped by her. Arjun says she did not trap me, I got trapped myself, I did not know she will do this, I know her now. Nandini says you are innocent, you don’t know such clever girls, promise it will happen what I want. He promises and asks her to have medicine.

She says she won’t take medicine till he does he work. Arjun opens the door and Radhika hides. He looks outside and leaves. Radhika looks at Nandini eating the food. Nandini says finally, I will see how Radhika stays here, she challenged me, now we will see. She calls Rana and says she has sent Arjun, be ready, I should not see Radhika, you know what to do, just do the work. Radhika thinks why was Nandini acting as weak infront of Arjun, for what work did she send Arjun?

Nandini comes to meet Samrat. He asks how dare she come here and asks her to get out. She steps inside and cries, saying his anger is justified, she knows he thinks she has done this, she did not dream this would happen, Radhika ended her dreams for Sam. He says no use if this play now, I know it, did you forget? She says if it was easy to forget past, I would be not here, trust me. He says now Sam does not have you, Arjun and Radhika. She sees Piyali coming and acts to faint, falling in Samrat’s arms. Piyali says Nandini and comes to them. Samrat gets shocked.

Radhika says where did Nandini go, did they plan anything new? Radhika opens the laptop and sends to reach her through an alternate way. Piyali gives water to Nandini. She says you snatched our happiness, why did you come now. Nandini says she wants to meet Sam just once, Radhika did all this, she has trapped Arjun, Arjun loves just Sam. Piyali says yes, so he married Radhika. Samrat asks who forced him? She says Sam’s love, he wanted to bring Radhika’s truth out and he thought Radhika will move back, but she did not step back as she wanted revenge.

Samrat asks what revenge? Nandini says Radhika wanted to take revenge from Sam, she is jealous. Radhika mails Sam that Arjun is not right for her, Arjun and Nandini planned to ruin her family, she could not let them succeed, she may hate her now, but one day she will show her friendship’s truth.

Nandini tells them about Radika. Radhika sends the mail and sees Nandini’s pic. She says very soon her true face will be out.

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