Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap 6th August 2015 Written Episode

Mewar’s Capital: Udaipur:

Ajabde asks Pratap what this is. Why haven’t you spoken to him yet? Why are you looking at him stealthily? Come with me. He is waiting for you. Pratap recalls the situation. No. what if this affects him all the more? He is in this condition because of me. I am feeling just the way the brave soliders would have felt just to save me. I wonder if I am a blessing or curse for Rajputana. I am in a dharma sankat Father. She points out that only father has all the answers. You will only be at peace after talking to him.

US keeps looking at the door for his son’s arrival. Pratap comes there just then. He holds his father’s hand and sits beside him. How are you now? US is feeling better after seeing his son. I want to tell you something. I have seen lots of war in my life since my childhood. I am a rajput so I accepted and lived what was passed onto me. But when I look back today in life, I feel as if I have given too much importance to wars. I forgot somewhere down the line that citizens expect peace and happiness too. I want to break the age old traditions. I am anyways going. It will be better if I can give my citizens something positive. Death and birth are a part of life. One is bound to die. What is important is what one leaves behind for his family and future generations. I want to leave behind happiness, peace and prosperity for you. I don’t want to leave you with wars and bloodshed. You have everything with you. You will get everything positive in life if you follow this path. The citizens will bless you. Stop being stubborn! Forget that Akbar. DB is in tears. US requests him to forget war. Pratap thinks of Vaid’s words. You have to keep Rana ji away from any kind of stress. Pratap agrees to forget everything. Just get well once. US is relieved. May Ekling ji give you all that you want! My city is surrounded by high mountains. We are completely safe. That Akbar cannot reach here ever. Pratap affirms. I will forget everything. You get well once. US falls asleep.

A guy brings work for Kanak Raj which will help him in fulfilling his responsibility properly. Kanak Raj is thinking of what had happened in the court. He throws away those files. He notices Jagmal standing there. He picks up the files. Sorry I did that by mistake. Jagmal catches his lie. Kanak Raj accepts it. I was seething with anger. I feel like setting fire to all the animals. Jagmal assures him that that time will come too. Dada bhai has insulted both of us today in the court. Neither of us got what we deserve. I saw the same feelings (of anger) in you that are in me. Dada bhai can do anything that he wants to but I only will become Mewar’s King. Join hands with me. Kanak Raj is confused. Jagmal has decided to join hands with Akbar.

Precap: Akbar wants Maan Singh to find out the weak link in Pratap’s army. I have done enough damage from outside. Now I want to attack him from inside. Maan Singh tells him about Jagmal. He can help us. Akbar is amazed. We have never seen him in the war zone. He never came before my eyes and never got hurt. Maan Singh nods. Jagmal wants to become the King. Akbar likes the idea of getting him on his side.

Jagmal says Akbar and my thoughts are so alike. We both know where our friendship can lead us to. I am not mad like Dada bhai to think only of war all the time. Akbar only has to see the possibilities in me just like I do in him and in this friendship.

Akbar talks about Jagmal’s uncle. Coincidentally, he is Maan Singh’s friend. Akbar wants him to pressurize his friend Raimal to join their team. Maan Singh agrees to set out for the mission today itself.

Jagmal’s uncle Raimal is in a brothel. He eyes a girl. Another Rajput has already paid for it. He challenges Raimal to fight. Raimal fools him with another man’s name. The first guy goes side to fight with each other. Raimal gets the girl. He turns to go but finds Maan Singh standing there. They both share a hug. Maan Singh tells him about the proposal which Raimal knows about already. I think its time to go to my sister’s place. The lady asks for money. Raimal advises her to be prepared for any kind of harm as much as she is excited for earning more money. He leaves with his friend.

Pratap and Amar are practising sword fighting. Amar asks him to give him some tips. I have started to understand but I want to learn more. Amar talks about helping him in his fight against the Mughals. Pratap thinks of his father’s words. One of the commanders comes to inform him about the Rajput Kings joining hands with Akbar. Pratap is surprised. The commander says they see no option but to give in in front of Akbar.

JB is reading Bhagvad Geeta. Pratap comes to his mother’s room. She reads about the incident where Shri Krishna tells Arjuna that he is the end and beginning of everything. Everyone takes birth from me and ends up in me too. You are neither killing anyone nor is anyone dying. It is me who is dying and killing. He tells her that he couldn’t make his father agree to his idea. JB talks to her about what she had just read from Geeta. Make him realise things from your actions if not your words. Sometimes we fail to understand things just by words. You will have to show him to make him believe you.

Precap: Pratap talks about a competition on the day of the inauguration of his new arms room. Chakrapani asks him if the secret main commander will be there too. Pratap nods. If everything goes well then yes! Akbar tells Raimal to go to Udaipur and act like his agent.

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