Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bihaan coming in nick of the time and replacing the rings. Thapki sees him. The jeweler checks the ring and says its pure gold and diamond ring. Vasundara gets angry and sees Preeti. Krishnakant thanks the jeweler. Vasundara scolds Preeti. Preeti says I m sorry. Vasundara asks her to apologize to Thapki’s family. Thapki and Krishnakant ask her to let it be. Vasundara insists. Preeti apologizes. Varun asks them to have sweets. Vasundara says she has to talk to Thapki, and asks her choice of bridal dress, jewelry, bangles. Thapki smiles and I…

Vasundara asks her not to be shy and tell her. Suman thinks now Thapki will stammer and Vasundara will know, my game will end. Thapki says aunty ji…… Suman gets the wrong laddoo and screams saying her tooth got hurt. Dadi says you made this sweet. Suman says we will go home, I have to go to doctor. Vasundara says fine, we will leave after the puja. Dadi does the puja. They all leave. Thapki asks Bihaan why did he swap rings.

She confronts him. He says he lost the ring and he gave fake one to them till real ring was made. She asks why did he not tell them the truth, her family was getting blamed and insulted by this. He says I reached on time and stopped the insult, like you worry for your family, I worry for my mum, she is like Lord to me, I can lie for her, but not hurt her, you are becoming bahu of our house, don’t hurt my mum, else I will forget all the relations. He leaves.

Its evening, Bihaan dances saying its Dhruv’s engagement today. Dhruv smiles. Dadi asks Kiran to get sweets for her. Paan compliments Kiran and he flirts with her. Suman asks Preeti not to hide and come out. Preeti says no, everyone will laugh, Vasundara punished me. Suman says if she does not come, Vasundara will punish her again. Suman says come, we have to stop Vasundara from talking to Thapki. Preeti comes and Suman laughs.

Preeti says I will go. Suman says no, this will bring new fashion, come, we will stop Thapki and Vasundara’s meeting. Thapki comes with her family, and looks stunning. Vasundara welcomes them. Dhruv sees Thapki and smiles. Vasundara asks Thapki how did she like the decorations. Thapki says I … Suman gets hiccups. Vasundara asks her to have cold drink and stop the hiccups. Krishnakant asks about Balwinder. Suman says its good, Vasundara won’t talk to Thapki now. Vasundara says actually……. Bau ji comes there and says I m here. Krishnakant greets him. Dhruv gets shocked seeing Bau ji attending his engagement.

Balwinder says he has come for his daughter’s engagement, he agrees to her when the world agrees to him. Vasundara smiles seeing Thapki. Thapki recalls talking to Bau ji and convincing him for coming in the engagement to bless her. He says he can refuse to his bahu, not his daughter. He says he will not let her happiness be incomplete. They all smile. Bau ji says we shall take the rituals ahead. Dhruv holds Thapki’s dupatta. She turns and looks at him.

Mere bina mai…………plays…………… She says anyone can see, please. He says so what, we are getting engaged. He holds her hand. She says please leave my hand. He says on one condition, you have to tell your feelings for me. She says she has told him that day, under the shadow of the stars. He says I love you, and wants to hear same from her, which she has not said till now. He says we will be engaged in some time, his dreams will be fulfilled, and asks her to say I love you. They smile. Kiran looks on and says sorry Bhabhi, now you have to tell I love you to Dhruv now.

Kiran tells about some special rasam, as Thapki has to confess her feelings to Dhruv. Suman and Preeti worry as Vasundara will know Thapki’s stammering.

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