Jamai Raja 7th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid coming to DD’s house with the baraat to marry Roshni. DD takes off the evil eye from him. Sid gets happy and smiles. Bua Dadi interferes and tells that they didn’t follow this ritual. Nani Maasi says our gujrati rituals have just started and asks DD to pull the nose of the groom. Sid says it would be fun and asks DD to come. He teases her and then stops so that DD pulls his nose. The photographers clicks the photos. DD asks why did Media came here? Nani Maasi says Punjabi’s are doing the drama. Simran says we couldn’t refuse when Bua Dadi called them. Nani says we too have one, signing at Nani Maasi. She asks Sid to step inside the marriage venue.

Roshni comes down with ladies. Mere Rubara plays as Sid looks at her lovingly. Everyone smiles seeing them. She comes shyly and stands beside Sid. Pandit ji asks them to do garland (varmala) ritual. Raj lifts Sid and Roshni tries hard to make him wear the garland. Nani asks Kesar to lift Roshni. DD gets tensed. Roshni makes him wear the garland. DD asks Kesar to get her down. Sid and Roshni sit for marriage. Beeji tells Nani, if you are thinking same what I am thinking? Nani says the same. They (DD, Krutika, Simran, Beeji and Nani) go to room and discuss. Beeji says a pregnant lady can’t take the pheras. Nani says how can we forget that. Beeji says we have to get Gandharva vivaah. Nani says what we will say to your sister and my sister. Krutika says she has an idea.

She goes down and asks Pandit ji to lower the fire. She asks him to suggest some other way for the marriage to happen. Nani suggests Gandharva Vivah. Bua Dadi asks have you gone mad? Nani Maasi says what you are saying nonsense? Jigna says Gandharva Vivah is done when the lady is pregnant. Nani Maasi asks if Roshni is pregnant? Sid looks at Roshni. Nani Maasi asks Roshni to tell the truth. Bua Dadi pops her eyes out in shock.

Roshni says yes with much difficulty. Sid smiles and is happy. He asks if this is truth? He asks am I going to be Dad. Roshni smiles. Sid hugs her. Bua Dadi badmouths about Roshni’s values and says she is sitting here after blackening her face. Nani Maasi blames Sid and says he couldn’t control his hormones. Beeji asks Nani, what is hormones? Nani says she will explain later. Raj says it is good news that our bahu is pregnant. Bua Dadi says she will think if Roshni can be bahu of her house. Nani Maasi also argues. Roshni gets up and tries to go, but Sid stops her and says it is enough.

Sid says I am hearing your nonsense since many days, he says Roshni is going to be his wife and the baby inside her is his baby . He says his family is going to be complete and it is a big day for him. He says I will not let anybody spoil it. When we don’t have any problem and we are not shameful about it, what is your problem? I am proud of my wife and will always. He says this is my child who is in her womb. He says our marriage is happening for second time. We love always. He says he accepts Roshni as his wife in every births. Everyone is happy and claps for them. Roshni hugs him and gets emotional.

DD asks Sid to take care of Roshni. Sid asks Krutika where is Roshni? DD says you don’t care about my daughter. Sid says she might be with mom and dad. He asks Beeji about Roshni. She says she is not with them. Sid gets tensed.

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