Badtameez Dil 7th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with,mehar gets ready to go office, suman says u are going, abeer was saying u aren’t, mehar says don’t listen to him, abeer says mehar u know i am the most stubborn person on earth, mehar says whatever i will go office, jwahar at door, mehar asks what are u doing here, abeer says jawahar come in, jawahar says sani sir will call u mam, sani calls mehar and says mehar u will not come office bcoz ur ill and u will work from home, plz try understand, and i cant afford losing u and abeer, mehar says sir let me come office plz, sani says do u want me to go hospital , so plz for me n my family.mehar says ok sir.
Abeer says to mehar i told u, so i win. Kuber talks to police abt abeers case, police says pinky is very dangerous so theres one way, madhvi says plz do something and save my son, kuber says i wont let that pinky win over me, madhvi sas plz understand its abeer, police says madhviji is right, kuber says u go i will talk to my politician friends,police leaves, madhvi says plz understand, kuber says u just keep quite and stop interfering into my ways, madhvi says abeer is my son too, i have right to speak for him, kuber says he is ur son and so brings new problems everyday like 10 yrs back he brought mehar and its mehar behind all this.
Rati and other office girls watching abeers fan page. Rati says abeer is good but others shd also get chance, girls says oh u so like nisar, rati says go do ur work,rati decides to make nisars fan page and chalk down the idea on paper, nisar goes to rati and asks what are u doing, rati says nothing, nisar says show na, rati says its mehar mams works, nisar pulls ratis page, rati runs behind him to get that page, both stumble upon bean bag and fall down,rati gets up and snatches the page and runs away.
Abeer with suman in kitchen, mehar sees him and gives cold look, suman says mehar he is making his kadha, door bell rings, abeer opens the door, its neighbour and seeing abeer she shouts with excitement, abeer asks what happened, she runs and says i will come later, abeer closes the door, the bell rings again, abeer opens the door a bunch of ladies shout seeing abeer, suman asks what happened, ladies say we are here for abeer and praise abeer, and request abeer to sing song,suman says leave him alone let him rest, ladies go on requesting, abeer says ok 1 minute and says ok i will on one condition, see u all will not tell i am here, ladies say ok we wont,suman asks them to take sits, abeer sings mere nishan,mehar comes downstairs and sees abeer and says is he gone mad and walks to him, abeer stops seeing mehar.
Mehar asks what all is this happening, the ladies say mehar u have such wonderful boyfriend, one of them says what, she says yes we read it in news, other says no he is her ex husband, mehar says yes we are divorced and now he is nothing to me, abeer feels bad and says but she is my boss and i am here to work so plz, ladies go and while leaving click pictures with abeer, abeer says remember ur promise, the ladies leave, mehar says happy insulting me, suman says mehar he did nothing, mehar says for u he will never do anything and u abeer do one thing put hoardings all around, both leave, suman says why these two always have to fight.
Mehar goes to her room, abeer says mehar listen to me, mehar says u find all this is fun right and do all this, abeer says atleast listen to me and those ladies requested me i didn’t do anything, and all aren’t like u,mehar says bua was right u will leave us in pain and go, abeer says yes bua is right, mehar says why do u do this, abeer says ok i did that mall thing, if that is so who brought all the past in front of the world, revenge right, 8 yrs back u did same, when i came requesting to unite back but u didn’t listen, u are just like a stone, mehar says yes i am, but tell me u always point at me, did u look at urself , who left me alone midnight and why, just bcoz u didn’t want to face the truth, u left me behind and i am quite bcoz i don’t want to increase and spoil things back don’t want to get back to all that, i don’t want to be like u,abeer feels bad and leaves, abeer sees suman at door, suman gets in, mehar says ma plz leave me alone, suman closes the door and leaves.

Precap:Suman says how easily u said u don’t care, will u like if something happens to him, mehar says what are u saying..

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