Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya dancing on the song Hoton pe aisi baat………… Everyone clap. Manjari asks Sandhya to come. Sandhya asks her to stop there. Manjari says what happened to her. Sandhya says she will tell her truth today, do they think she is Sagarika, she is not Sagarika, do they want to know who she is, she will tell them…. Chandu thinks she will tell her truth now. Sandhya says she is the Dayan, who is responsible for Himanshu’s death, as Manjari calls her. She cries and says she respected Manjari a lot, she did the work she gave her, Manjari has beaten her, she did a lot for Manjari and she calls me unlucky.

Manjari says she is lying. Sandhya says you are lying, whats my mistake? To get engaged to Himanshu? To think about living with his name? But Manjari does not leave me, she twists my hand and beats me, she scolds me, The ladies say Manjari treats Sagarika badly. Sagarika says Himanshu said his mum is like a devi, so I believed her to be Devi, I will say how I m bearing her.

She says today she is her mum in law, she is Manjari, and you are Sagarika. She twists Manjari’s hand and scolds her. She takes her home. Chandu says this is her truth, she can’t lie by drinking the wine, she is Sagarika indeed. Sandhya scares Manjari and sends her. She closes the door, and puts water on her face. FB shows Sandhya realizing the kada has some wine, she is getting under its effect now. She recalls Bharat’s words of some herbs that will bring down the effect of wine. She goes to fields and consumes the leaves to end wine’s effect.

Chandu says the day has come which we were waiting, We will win. Chandu and commander prepare the men for their mission. Sandhya wipes her face. She says she will find Garjana’s plan and then her plan will be to fail their plan, and make them lose.

Meenakshi talks to Vikram and asks why did he get born before Sooraj. He says what, was it in my hands. She says you did one work right, that you married me. Bhabho meets pandit and gets mahurat for Sooraj and Lalima’s marriage, on 15th August.

Sandhya gets to know about 15th August plan and talks to Sajni. Sajni says Shekhar is going to city. Sandhya is shocked.

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