Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with pandit saying about 15th August mahurat, and no date in next six months. Bhabho finalizes it. Lokesh says it will be very soon. Bhabho says we want to make Lalima our bahu soon. Lokesh says he wants to make Sooraj have sweets and meet him. Bhabho is about to make excuse. Sooraj calls out Ved asking for keys. Lokesh goes. Bhabho and everyone worry that Lokesh will see Sooraj’s truth. Sooraj is talking to Sandhya being alone and says he will show the items to Bhabho.

Lokesh comes and says congrats for the marriage Jija ji. Sooraj says jija ji? ?Bhabho says yes, this is Lokesh, you met him before. Sooraj says yes, I had sweets of his shop. Lokesh makes him have sweets and says the mahurat is 15th August 2015. Sooraj says yes, and asks Bhabho about Sandhya. Bhabho lies to cover up. Bhabho takes Lokesh and gives shagun. Ved sees them and cries. Bhabho tries to hide Sooraj’s truth and talks to Lokesh. Emily cries.

Sandhya is sad and thinks of Sooraj. She comes to the market with Sajni and sees Bharat. She thinks Bharat here, it means he has come to give any info. She says she will buy bangles and goes to Bharat. He says he has given the message at her home. And gives some chit to her. She reads about Chandu going for some meeting on 15th August, she has to find about the meeting and get info about it. Sandhya buys bangles and thinks to ask Sajni who is going there to city. Sajni says no one is going from their village, its just their hero Shekhar, he goes there for play. Sandhya gets shocked and thinks Chandu is very smart to use simple Shekhar for his motives.

Sooraj and Bhabho are on the way. Bhabho thinks everything will be fine once Lalima marries Sooraj and prays for the marriage to happen peacefully. Lalima is at the tailor’s shop and Sooraj sees her. He thinks its Sandhya and Bhabho tries stopping him. She runs after him to stop him. Sooraj says Sandhya and runs to Lalima. Lalima leaves. Sooraj looks on. Bhabho gets him and says maybe he has seen someone else. He says I have seen Sandhya’s dress, my Sandhya was here. The man says he does not know.

Bhabho asks him to come and takes him in the car. Lalima comes after changing the dress and asks the tailor to alter the dress, as its her marriage on 15th August. Sandhya thinks Shekhar does not know how Chandu will use him, how to find out what will Garjana do, shall I ask Shekhar about his relation with Garjana.

She goes to Shekhar and says Sajni told me you are going to city, I want some medicine, will you get it. He says yes. She says you will like to work and see places. He says yes, person should do work which e likes. She asks is Garjana not doing anything on 15th Aug. He looks at her.

Bhabho talks to Lokesh about engagement and sends him. Meenakshi asks what did she do, how will they keep engagement today. Sooraj comes there.

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