Sasuraal Simar Ka 8th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar is lying in an unknown place with her eyes closed. she recalls how mohini beaten her down. An old man comes and says you are conscious? Thank God you are alive. Drink this medicine, i made this from herbs. Simar says how i came here? he says i saw you near the cliff. Simar recollects everything. She touches the scar on her face. He says when I met you, you were in worst condition. I wanted to save your life. Simar says you have given me a new life, thank you for this favor. I want to go back to my house, my husband’s life in endangered. There is a witch she wants to kill him. he says what are you saying? Simar says I have to go to prem. He say but it was 4 months ago? Simar is dazed, She says i have been here for four months? What has she done to my family.
she says where we are? He says its a jungle outside Dehli. Simar says please show me the way out, i wanna go. He gives her a saari and says consider this a gift from me. Simar thank him.

Scene 2
In bharadwaj house, a pooja is on going. Everyone gathers in the lounge. A car stops outside the house, Simar comes out of it. She says after so many days, i think mohini couldn’t harm them. Everyone looks at her in bewilderment. Simar wonders why are they looking at her like that? Simar enters the house. She recalls how she entered the same house with prem when they got married. Simar sees the black cat, she recalls all that Mohini did. Simar sees everyone busy with pooja. Suddenly she sees a garland on Mata ji’s picture, simar is taken aback. She screams mata ji.. Everyone is dazed to hear her voice. Simar runs to the picture in tears. They all stand up and look at simar. Simar says mata ji you cant leave us. When she turns, everyone is shocked. Simar says how did this happen? Mata ji left us? Sujata takes her hand back.Sujata says who are you? Your face looks like my simar, but you are not simar. Simar says what are you saying? Look at me, I am your simar. Sujata says no, Simar died with mata ji in a car accident.

Simar looks at her photo with garland. Pari says she is not our simar. She is pretender, she has some special mission. You cant be simar, we did her funeral. Whoever you are, it would be better for you to leave this house. Simar says please I am your simar. No one trusts her. Uma says you are not simar, stop this drama now.Simar says there must be a misunderstanding, Mohini comes downstairs with Sunanda and says yes there is a misunderstanding, but you have it. Simar says what are you doing here? this is my house. This is all your game. They dont recognize me because of you. i am here to end all your games. Simar is about to slap her but Amar holds her hand.

Simar says amar? She is a witch. 4 months ago i caught her that is why she attacked me.I know she has manipulated you all. Amar says who are you to say that about my wife? You look like simar that is why i am saying humbly go from here. Simar says why are you not recognizing me. Rajhinder says whoever you are, leave our house or we will have to call police. leave.
Simar says i am leaving, she leaves the house. Sujata says why people do this, why they come up with simar’s face in front of us. Mohini holds her hand and says don’t be sad maa ji. I don’t know what was her mission, we will always be sad that we lost mata ji and simar. Sujata says you are right.

Precap-Mohini says to simar, if you even enter bharadwaj house, i will attack you so bad that your soul wont even come back. SImar syas no one can stop me from returning to my home.

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