Tere Sheher Mein 8th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya smiling seeing Mantu in the puja. Rama tells Mantu about the pandit. The pandit says mahurat started. Mantu starts leaving. The pandit asks him to be here till puja ends. Amaya cries and prays. Mantu sits back. The pandit asks Gajanand and Mathur family to come. Mantu sees Amaya and says I knew you won’t be able to stop yourself. She says no, its not like that, why did you come here, it can’t happen as you think. He imagines so. She cries and asks him to see in her eyes.

Gajanand stops the pandit and everyone wonder what happened. Gajanand brings Rishi’s pic frame and everyone cry seeing it. They get touched. The pandit tells about the rituals. Gajanand says when home and family is one, then kitchen will be one. They have a talk. Rudra talks to Mantu and taunts him. He warns him not to be close to this house and asks him to stay away from Mathur girls. Mantu gets angry.

Rachita drops the plate and Kaushalya says its big abshagun. Rama’s mum taunts Rachita and talks sweet. Rama tells Mantu about his love for Rachita and asks him to help him, as he is Amaya’s friend. Mantu says they don’t believe in love and they don’t care. Rama says they care. Mantu asks him not to dream, as it hurts when it breaks. Rama asks if Rachita agrees to marry me? Mantu says then I will do all arrangements. Rama’s mum taunts Rachita. Dinesh asks what happened. Rachita says nothing. Rama’s dad calls him and he goes.

Amaya asks Mantu is he going. Mantu says you did not say anything, I have to say something Amaya. Sneha comes and asks him to have Prasad bhog before going. Amaya asks Mantu what he wanted to say before Sneha came. He says I m not like you, we have Satyanarayana puja and I m inviting you, you have to come. She says I called you many times, maybe it was switched off. His phone rings and he looks at her, smiling. He says maybe my phone is mad like me. Its Uma’s call.

Uma asks him where is he, and did he arrange pandit. He says yes, he is coming now. He tells Amaya that his phone is working fine. Rudra comes and says he is thinking since long, why did he get so much angry that day,and asks Amaya to say. Amaya says nothing like that. Mantu leaves. Amaya thinks she will come in puja, she gets restless being away from him. Rudra says they think I m foolish, to not know whats cooking. Rama coughs and asks Mantu to see.

Rachita asks Rama is he fine. He smiles. Amaya asks Mantu are puja arrangements over? Mantu says yes. Rama coughs again. Rachita says you are much unwell. Rama says don’t know what happened. Rachita asks him to see doctor. Mantu asks why this cough drama, just say it clearly. Rama says you say it when you are in love.

Mantu sits to have food and thinks how to have this Prasad without his heart agreeing. Amaya serves him food. Mantu says he does not want it and argues. Gajanand comes and says its simple for you to disrespect food. Mantu says he knows his values and traditions, he will not throw it, and give it to someone else. Gajanand says your parents taught you well to talk to elders. Mantu tells Rama that he is going. He goes home and makes Chiklu and Uma have Prasad. Chiklu likes it.

Uma asks from where did he get this. Mantu says he has gone to Amaya’s house, to get the pandit. She gets shocked and he explains. He says he went to meet pandit, but he was dying to see Amaya, Sneha invited him and he went there, he invited Amaya to come in puja. She asks whats the need and reminds his promise. He says he just invited her in puja. She says I don’t want anyone to hurt you, your innocence will hurt you, Amaya needed you before, now she is with Chobey family.

He says he will come tomorrow, you see. She asks how does he trust her. He says I have seen in her eyes and felt it, I told her about my life’s secret, I gave her my dad’s watch, she knows its value and kept it safe, he has saved Amaya from goons that night, she will surely come. She asks if she does not come then.. He says then I will know she does not love me. He goes. Uma fumes and thinks she won’t let Amaya come.

Uma asks someone not to let Amaya reach in puja. Amaya is on the way and someone stops her.

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