Manmarziyan 8th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun asking Nandini to not do any work. She acts sweet and says she will get biscuits. He asks Radhika to get it and leaves. She asks Radhika to bring the biscuits for the kids, and hurry up. She smiles and leaves. Radhika gets biscuits and comes to kids. She sees Arjun laughing while narrating a story to the kids. Radhika smiles. Rana tells her that Arjun laughs very less, he met Nandini when he was 7 year old, they regard each other more than blood relations, Arjun can do anything for her, he can even die. Arjun turns and sees them.

The boy asks her to come in his team, as Arjun is making them lose. They ask her to make the broken house alone. Arjun says you chose wrong person, she just knows breaking, not joining. She makes the card house. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays………….. Arjun looks on. He coughs and the house falls. The kids laugh. Radhika says its fine, we will join the house honestly for the times Arjun cheats and makes us lose. Nandini looks on and asks will she just play or cook something for them.

Radhika asks her to see, she will make such food that they will remember. Radhika cooks and Mala offers help. Radhika says no, few things should be done alone. Nandini asks Mala what did she eat during Radhika’s birth, she is very strong. Radhika says we have to stay together, right Nandu? She asks can I call you Nandu, as Arjun calls you.

Nandini says no one calls me Nandu except Arjun. Mala asks Radhika to apologize and call her Nandini di. Radhika says sorry Nandini di. Nandini says she felt glad to see how Radhika said sorry on Mala’s saying. She says she has an idea that Mala should stay between them as her shield. Mala smiles.

Sam cries thinking about Radhika and Arjun. Piyali comes to her and Sam acts normal. Piyali asks is she fine. Sam says I m perfect. Piyali talks to her and regrets to have that annoyance wall between them, else Radhika would have not come in her life. She says friendship happens in equal people, that girl sat in your place, its my mistake, I left you alone and you got friendly with Radhika, I m so sorry. Sam says I m fine, see I m not getting tears. Piyali says no one can hurt you, you are my daughter. Sam hugs her saying I love you and cries. The bangle falls on the bed.

Sam asks her about it. Piyali says Nandini came and said this is yours. Radhika tells Nandini that she made brinjal dish for her, and taunts her. She says she made Khatti Daal for Arjun, as its her first day of cooking. The kids like the food and say her hands have magic. Nandini eats the food and Radhika smiles, recalling how she has added lots of chilli powder in it. She asks how is it? Mala says its very tasty, she will like it. Nandini stays silent and smiles. She thinks she will not leave Radhika. Radhika asks Arjun to start having food. She recalls adding sugar in the Daal. Arjun does not like it. Mala asks him to have more.

Radhika asks Arjun to have more. He finishes the bowl and she smiles. He leaves. Neil sits in the bar and gets surprised seeing Sam in her old avatar. The man says welcome back madam. Sam asks Neil why did he become Devdas. He says weather is changing, how did she change? They talk like before, and she holds him close. She says they will drink wine after a long time. Teri meri dosti…………..plays………. Neil and Sam dance and laugh.

Radhika hears Arjun vomiting. She asks is he fine. He asks her to get lost. He comes out and holds his head. She asks him to have water. He throws it and rests on the bed. He asks her to leave. She says sorry, I knew I should have not done this, but Nandini was misbehaving with my mum, she is very smart, she acts different when you are not there. He gets angry and asks her not to tell anything about his sister. She looks at him.

Nandini asks Radhika to leave her mum and hold her husband, else he will run. Sam shouts Arjun. Neil asks her does she still love Sam.

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