Qubool Hai 10th August 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Shashi’s residence.
Shashi faces sanam, saying that it isnt easy to catch her. Shashi asks sanam if she actually thought it would be so easy for her to track shashi and kill her, when nations have been searching for her for a long time. She says that in her and shaad’s war, only she shall win. she says that it isnt in her capacity to kill shashi, nor anyone else’s. Shashi tells her that she shall never be able to find shaad, and then puts the revolver on her forehead, shocking everyone including sanam, who is desperate to keep her alive, as she wants to know about shaad. The new bride is shocked. The gun is finally fired, and shashi falls on the stage, with blood gushing out from her brain, due to the gunshot injury, surprising them all. Sanam and wazira remember the death of their loved ones, whose revenge they wanted from Shashi.

Scene 2:
Location: Sanam’s hideout
sanam says that shashi did win, by killing herself. She says that she has lost her love, and she cant lose her friend now, and to retrieve him now, she wont hesitate to even lay out her life. The peerbaba assures her that she needs to be patient, as the lord may test the strong, but he shall always show them the right path and be with them on it. She is convinced. Sanam prays to the lord to support and give her the strength to avenge ahil and other loved ones’ death, and also to find shaad. sanam burns shashi’s pic too, remembering how she finally took her revenge. She says that people are right to say that love has immense power, as that only helped her be able to accomplish this, and continue to do so. she eyes ahil’s pic lovingly, saying that she wont allow them to sit in peace who spoiled their lives, and that she wont spare them. she says that she couldnt fulfill her promise when she was alive, but she would stand by this promise. now its the new bride’s turn, and she shall be punished and have to die. Wazira comes in just then, that they have now news of shaad and they couldnt trace anything from shashi’s phone calls too. Sanam says that the lord shall open a new door, and that her men shall definitely know something. waziar is skeptical. but sanam is sure that she wont let anything happen to shaad, as she is her friend. Wazira offers her help, but says that they have faced a block. Sanam says that it isnt impossible, and nothing shall stop her from getting to shaad, as the new bride herself shall make her get to shaad. wazira asks how. She is determined.

Scene 3:
Location: In the captive shed
Just then, somewhere shaad mumbles jannat’s name in his sleep, while razia thinks that his jannat made her life hell, and that her hard efforts in making shashi the name of hell, and now she spoiled everything in a single stroke. the new bride joins her, saying that its time, they joined hands together, as her mind and her own power can destroy everyone. Razia smirks that she doesnt befriend so easily, but feels differently with her, and their friendship shall be hell for sanam, and the new face of terror in the world. The new bride smiles.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residece and sanam’s hideout
The new bride comes in frustrated, while she is thronged by latif and gazalla, asking questions about sanam and shashi. she finally fires up asking them to shut up, as in difficult times,. she needs support and not scare. she assures them and herself too, that sanam might try all that she wants, but she wont be able to spoil anything about her, as she has a secret paqn still, as sanam has a noble heart and thats her weakness, which she shall exploit, as she wont ever commit sin knowingly. She says that till shaad is safe, she is safe. they rejoice that they tpp are safe till the new bride ie safe.

Later, while razia and the new bride are at the dining table, discussing their next plan of action. Razia enjoys thr food, while the new bride is extremely tensed. razia asks her to relax. she says that she wont be able to, till they get rid of sanam, as she is always scared that she might call in anytime. The new bride’s phone rings, and she aunderstands that its sanam. she is reluctant to pick it up, but razia says that its sanam’s turn to be scared and that she shall beg, for asking about shaad’s location. Emboldened, the new bride picks up. The new bride gloats that finally she had to come cowering to her, and that she is wrong in assuming what she is doing, and that ahil’s sanam is a dream now, so she has resorted to be with shaad now, but she cant help sanam in that way. Sanam asks her to stop talking nonsense, explotiing the right to speak. Sanam tells the new bride that if she feels, she has called to beg her to tell about shaad’s location, then she is sadly mistaken. she says that she just called to tell her that she has already found sanam. the new bride is shocked. the new bride is puzzled, asking how can she find shaad, and that she must be lying while sanam continues, that she isnt, as she is so booggled up these days, that she isnt able to think properly. she asks how could she forget that shaad is an army officer, and that even though he was in captivity, still he manages to send shashi’s confession to her, then he can easily escape the captivity of some goons. She asks the new bride to think now what shall happen to her, as she is coming to her, to get her to pay fr her sins. she cancels the call. She asks razia how is this possible as she along with sanam claims that shaad is with them. razia says that its impossible, as she has hidden shaad where noone can find her. The new bride reminds that sanam has been doing the impossible recently. Razia that its her plan to trap sanam, and that there’s no way that sanam can know of shaad’s location. They are boggled. gazalla and latif come all bruised and injured, saying that they told sanam. razia and the new bride is shocked. The new bride gets angry, while they elaborate, that they had gone to the market, where sanam trapped them and beat the truth out of them. the new bride taunts razia that her plan failed. Latif and gazalla tell razia that they wouldnt have escaped afar, and must go near that place only, as they would be able to get him back. The new bride agrees, while razia is boggled.

As razia and the new bride leave in the car, another car follows them with sanam and wazira in it, as they relied that the new bride shall go directly to the hideout to check. sanam asks how is this possible. She remembers how razia was completely electrocuted, and is shocked to find that razia is still alive. Wazira asks who is it, and sanam gives razia’s background. Wazira asks sanam not to be distracted. waira tells sanam that they cant waste this time, as its their only hope to find shaad. they rush off too. Gazalla and latif take off their fake bandages, each happy with the wonderful level of acting, and place dibs on who shall win in their fight, as they shall have to be on that person’s side.

Scene 5:
Location: In the captive shed
Finally, razia and the new bride arrvive and still find shaad there only, tied up to the chair in ropes. The screen freezes on sanam and shaad’s faces.

Precap: Razia tells sanam that in the next two minutes, her lover shaad, shall die along with a bomb explosion that would rattle the entire building. She gives sanam a timer watchclock, while she is tensed and worried for shaad. She tells that she has got two minutes to be able to save shaad. Shaad meanwhile is tied to his chair, with explosives strapped on. Razia says that her countdown starts now, and turns around and leaves. sanam desperately tries to break the lock of the shed by stones, but in vain. Shaad keeps nudging and signalling her to go, to save herself..

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