Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th August 2015 Written Episode

Gaura says Modi family she will leave their home with her grandson Shravan once she gets well. Kokila tries to speak, but she stops her. Gaura asks them to leave and they all walk out. Vidya asks Gaura to take deep breath to feel better. Shravan asks her to leave, and she sadly walks out.

Urmila gets confused about Dhaval’s words that he can take only immediate family to London and asks pappu what does it mean. He says only parents, children and their parents mean immediate family. She asks what about aunt. He says aunt is not immediate family.

Ahem requests Meera to apologize Gaura. she says she will never. He says after many years mom got her best friend back and he does not want their friendship to break because of her. Merea gets adamant.

Urmila thinks of calling Kokila to request her to let her stay in her home. Kokila is sad seeing Meera’s behavior. She picks urmila’s call and tells how Gaura got severely ill after Meera’s prank and says she is worried that Gaura may not forgive her this time. Urmila cuts call and thinks Urmila herself is tensed this time and she cannot trouble her more. She thinks she should stay alone at her chawl for pappu and Dhaval’s brighter future.

Gaura again tells her grandson they will leave modi bhavan once she gets well. He walks out asking her to rest until he comes back. Gaura looks at her locked box/sandook.

Vidya sees Shravan’s injured hand and says she will apply bandage. He asks her to back off. Pari in front of her family shouts how can Meera misbehave with guests like this. Kokila gets sad. Gopi tries to calm her. Kokila says years ago she had a misunderstanding with Gaura and is worried gaura will misunderstand her again because of Meera. Shravan comes down. Kokila says if he needs anything, tolu/molu bring it. He says he does not need anyone’s help after today’s incident and will take care of him grandma himself. He continues that Meera did a sin and Gaura would have died because of her mistake. She does not even have a courtesy to apologize grandma. Kokila apologizes him. He says she should not as she is elder to him and leaves from there.

Kokila says Meera did a big mistake. Vidya says even she did a mistake and tells about trekking trip incident where Shravan saved her and even Meera and she misunderstood him and hit with stick. Kokila cries that Shravan saved her both granddauhter’s lives, but her granddaughter troubled Gaura and him.

Ahem tells Gopi that he will plead Meera to apologize Gaura aunty. She asks him to calm down. He says a father thinks he is the strongest man, but his children make him so weak that he will not be able to stand at all. Meera disgraced him and he is ashamed to call he as his daughter. Meera silently hears that, goes to Gaura’s room and says she did not want to hurt her and just wanted to teach her family a lesson and remind them that nobody can control her. Shravan comes back and asks how dare she is misbehave with her grandma. She starts yelling and says he is angry as she rejected him.

Precap: Kokila pleads Gaura not to leave her home and she will do anything to calm her down.

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