Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhruv smiling seeing Bihaan dancing. He says the gifts are for Thapki and her family, he wants him to give this from his side, as Thapki is becoming bahu and they are not comfortable with him, he wants Bihaan to make a new start. Bihaan says if they misunderstand then.. Dhruv says if you give with good feelings, they will not be mistaken. Bihaan says he can die for Dhruv, and agrees. Thapki asks servant to give food to Dadi, as she has sugar.

Bihaan gifts her and asks her to forgive him, they should not fight now and forget the old things, he has given gifts to everyone to apologize. She takes the gift. He asks her to open it and see. She gets the toy train in it and gets shocked. She recalls he calls her Chuk Chuk Gaadi/train based on her stammering. She asks is this gift her, and gets angry. Bihaan says no, you are mistaken. She says you told you want to forget old things, you just know to hurt people, you should stay away from people always.

Shubh comes and says he got the ladies purse, wow this toy train is good, Bihaan did mistake to swap the gifts mistakenly. Thapki gets shocked. She looks at Bihaan and says I m sorry, I felt.. He says enough, there is nothing to say and talk, you felt first impression is the last impression, I came here because of Dhruv, I did big mistake, we should stay away, we can’t get together, our house will be same, but not our ways. He thanks her for the good return gift and leaves.

Kiran says Aditi got 19points out of 20 by Dadi, but Bihaan is coming from Dhruv’s team now. They all clap for him. Suman and Preeti say they have to stop his dance. The power goes and they think how did this happen. Vasundara says she has dimmed the lights, she got surprise for them. She says its first interview of Thapki on tv. Suman and Preeti get shocked. Vasundara arranges a projector screen and says she wants all of them to see her interview.

She says we will see her hardwork and journey of struggle. Krishnakant and Poonam get happy. The interview starts. They do not get the sound and Vasundara plays the sound. They all the interview. Vasundara gets shocked seeing Thapki stammering. Suman and Preeti apologize that they should have told her before, they knew this. Vasundara gets angry and thinks projector is bad, so its getting stuck. Suman and Preeti says yes and goes to see the projector. She stops the video.

Vasundara asks Dhurv to check soon. Suman says the wire burnt and smiles. Vasundara says she wanted to surprise them. Dhruv says this is good surprise, I will get ne projector and this interview’s exclusive DVD tomorrow. Kiran takes competition ahead and calls Bihaan. Preeti says if Vasundara sees the interview tomorrow, then.. Suman says we will manage.

Bihaan dances on the song Badtameez Dil………. Aditi says he is dancing well, we will lose. Dhruv asks her to tell Thapki to get ready to confess her feelings. Preeti says Bihaan is dancing awesome. Dadi gives 20 marks to Bihaan. Varun dances on the song Abhi to party shuru hui hai… He does not dance well. Suman worries that Thapki’s team will lose. Preeti dances next and does not control hearing the beats. Suman holds her head. Shubh dances on Jumme ki raat………. Suman dances on Radha on the dance floor. …… Paan dances on Ram ji chaal dekho……… Kiran says girls have to get 20 marks, else they will lose, then Thapki will be on stage and has to tell her feelings to Dhruv.

Thapki dances on the song London Thumakda and confesses her feelings to Dhruv, by stammering. Vasundara is shocked..

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